How to Win Post-Plant in Valorant: Tips & Tricks

How to Win Post-Plant in Valorant: Tips & Tricks

    Last Updated on September 6, 2023

If you want to learn how to win post-plant in Valorant, you’ll need to go over the basics. After all, the core mechanics allow you to commit these tips and tricks to your memory. However, you will also need to take a look at your opponent’s composition. You could undoubtedly face tons of utilities during the retake scenario.

Yet, there will also be other factors that you have to take into account. It includes stuff like communication, positioning, Spike location, and your own utilities. Once you make a mental note of all of these, you might increase your chances of winning a post-plant scenario.

Learn How to Win Post-Plant in Valorant

A post-plant is basically the situation after your team plants the Spike in Valorant. Now, you will have to defend it from the opponents who want to defuse the bomb. Most of the time, your enemies will have a successful retake because they have more advantages than you. So, here are the factors you need to consider to win:

  • Communication
  • Spike Location
  • Utilities
  • Positioning

Did you notice that we put communication on top of the list? It’s because Valorant is a competitive team game that requires coordination. If you and your teammates act alone, you will not win every post-plant scenario in Valorant. After all, planting the Spike is not a guarantee that you will win the round. There will only be a few seconds during every retake situation. So, you will have to make every action and decision count if you want to win.

Communicate With Your Team

The first step is to master communication with your teammates. You need to learn what utilities and how much ammunition they have on them. Otherwise, the enemy team will steamroll you since you have no advantage in that round.

Don’t be too harsh on your teammates if they spend all of their utility to enter the site. After all, getting into a site is more important than everything else. You won’t need to learn how to win a post-plant scenario in Valorant if you can’t get in.

Spike Plant Locations with Safety

Spike Locations to Win a Post-Plant in Valorant

Learning where to plant the Spike is equally important to communicating with your team. Different strategies take place depending on where you plant it. Even then, you will still need to adapt to the situation to ensure no one can defuse the Spike.

There are four simplified locations for planting the Spike if you want to win a post-plant in Valorant. These locations are Default Plant, Long Plant, Short Plant, and Open Plant. A Default plant is the safest and easiest location for the Spike if every member of your team is still alive. It’s fairly difficult to defend, but at least everyone knows where it is.

Long Plants and Short Plants are simple enough to understand. The location essentially favors where the defenders position themselves. If most of your teammates are in Long, then you plant the spike for them. It is also the same when you’re allies situate themselves in Short. Either way, the angles will provide a benefit for your team. So, make sure to communicate about where you want to plant the Spike.

Lastly, you have the Open plant. This location extremely favors the attacking team since there are no hiding spots for the Spike defuser. However, it is equally challenging since you do not have the safety of cover. So, do it at your own risk to win a post-plant situation in Valorant.

Utility Management

Utility management is one thing you also need if you want to successfully achieve a post-plant victory. After all, they are an essential part of what makes Valorant unique from other competitive FPS games. So, not having any utility after you plant the Spike is the worst thing that can happen to an attacker.

Having agents like Killjoy or Brimstone to protect the Spike against defenders will increase your chances of winning a post-plant in Valorant. However, Controllers will make your lives easier since they can block potential angles for your opponents. So, utility management is also a bit like team composition management.

Utilities to Win Post-Plant in Valorant

Positioning to Win a Post-Plant in Valorant

Lastly, you need to have proper positioning to stop any efforts for a retake. You can’t just stand anywhere on the site and hope for the best. There needs to be a teammate that can cover you and an entry point for your opponents. You can also say that this is where the aim-game part of Valorant comes into play.

Try playing around with crossfires and off-angles to surprise any enemy trying to push past you. If you can successfully make your opponent think twice, you can win a post-plant scenario in Valorant. It is also important to note that positioning also works if you are the last man standing on your team. So, don’t gloss this over and think long and hard about where you want to position yourself.

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