How to Unlock Agents in Valorant – New System!

How to Unlock Agents in Valorant – New System!

    Last Updated on July 4, 2023

The new progression system has players asking how to unlock agents in Valorant. After all, you had to manually recruit the agents before the Episode 7 patch and Deadlock update. However, you shouldn’t worry too much since it’s easier now. The patch also features new agent recruitment events, allowing you to unlock them faster.

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How to Unlock Agents in New Progression System

Although the new system allows you to unlock agents in Valorant faster, you can also buy out the contract with Kingdom Credits. The Agent Recruitment Events by Riot Games allows you to obtain characters by grinding enough experience points. However, the new in-game currency allows you to buy them at a set price after the event.

Unlock Agents in Valorant New Progression System

All you have to do to unlock agents is earn 200,000 experience points during the agent recruitment event. You also don’t have to worry about activating the event because it automatically starts for everyone.

In the past, all you had to do was either start the recruitment process of an agent or pay 1,000 VP. You could also unlock characters by having an Xbox Game Pass, which granted you access to all new agents. However, you don’t need those anymore since you can unlock agents for free in a much easier progression system.

Unfortunately, the agent contracts won’t have any changes. Players can still unlock them by earning experience points to obtain different agent items. Overall, the new way to unlock agents in Valorant is an easier journey for both new and veteran players.

What are Fast Ways to Earn XP in Valorant?

If you’re also wondering how you can obtain agents faster, Riot’s got you covered. The developers also improved the Daily Missions system, allowing you to earn milestones called Checkpoints. These checkpoints also earn you more XP and Kingdom Credits to unlock agents in Valorant.

You can also prioritize finishing the Weekly Missions since they give massive amounts of XP. Previously, the daily missions required you to perform certain actions in-game. Now, they undoubtedly only need checkpoints and charges that will reset every 24 hours. We’ll explain them more in a different article. Until then, enjoy new agents.

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  • The greedy bastards want us to pay upfront 10 euros (yes the Europeans have to pay more than the US ones) for unlocking agents and it’s still unclear how or if ever we’ll can to unlock the second part contract items. I was at a millimeter distance to unlock Harbor after I worked my ass out to unlock it and now I have to start again from scratch. If you aren’t no-lifers who are living on social welfare taking from hard-working people like me, it will be helluva more difficult to unlock agents now.

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