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How to Remake in Valorant

How to Remake in Valorant

    Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Did you know that you can remake a match in Valorant? We’ve all had the same trouble when a teammate disconnects just before the game loads in. It’s also quite frustrating, especially when you haven’t tried doing it because no one knows how.

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS tactical shooter games. It also has a large player base that can go for thousands of games a day. That also means that Riot Games already has a solution for you when a teammate disconnects in the first round. It’s simply a restart feature that you can use under these specific conditions. But, how exactly does the remake work?

What is the Remake Feature in Valorant

Riot introduced the remake feature in Patch 1.07 in Valorant. It’s also not much of a surprise that they would add this to the game. After all, the feature is present in their other game League of Legends. It happens when a player disconnects during the first three minutes of a game. In Valorant, you can also use this feature when a teammate disconnects in the first round.

However, there are conditions to meet before you can use it. First, a random teammate must disconnect before or after the first round of a match. Second, you also cannot remake in Valorant if you are in a party with a disconnected player. Lastly, the player must remain disconnected until the buy phase of the second round.

If they reconnect during the buy phase of the second round, you can no longer use the remake feature in Valorant. It’s also the same when other team members refuse to agree with the vote to remake. After all, it is a democracy.

Discovering the Remake Feature in Valorant

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use the Remake Feature

Valorant is a team game. You have to understand that being one man down will significantly decrease your chances of winning. A game needs five players on the team for each side. It’s also essential to understand that you won’t lose any Rank Ratings or Matchmaking Ratings when you remake in Valorant.

  1. Meet All the Conditions. As we mentioned earlier, you must meet all the conditions to use the feature. If you don’t, the vote will not go through and the match will proceed.
  2. Initiate the Remake Vote. Once you determined that you met all the conditions for a remake in Valorant, type “/remake” in the chat. It will start a vote that all the members of your team must agree on to end the game.
  3. Voting for a Remake. All you have to do once the vote starts is press the F5 button on your keyboard. If all team members agree, the remake will push through.

Once the match ends, you and the connected players will not lose any RR or MMR. However, the disconnected player receives a penalty equivalent to losing or disconnecting from a full match. Although the intentions are to keep the game fair and encourage players to stay in the game, it could be counterproductive.

Why do Players Disconnect?

If you’re one of the players that disconnected from a match, you must also feel frustrated. After all, most disconnections occur because of uncontrollable factors. You might have a bad internet connection, your electricity went out, or you had an emergency. In any case, you will lose RR and MMR once a team decides to remake in Valorant.

However, the needs of the many must be met. It’s also why Riot decided to put this feature in Valorant. If you found this article helpful, you can read more guides on the website. We write about everything and anything Valorant to help players worldwide. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest news.

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