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How to Get New Agents in Valorant

How to Get New Agents in Valorant

    Last Updated on April 27, 2024

As you dive into the tactical world of Valorant, you’ll quickly realize the strategic advantage of having a broad selection of agents at your disposal. Initially, you’ll have access to five agents, but as you progress, you’ll want to learn how to get agents in Valorant to strengthen your team’s versatility and adapt to various roles, from duelists to sentinels.


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Starting Agents

When you begin your journey in Valorant, you’re greeted with five agents ready for action. These starting agents are crucial for learning the game’s mechanics. However, to avoid being pigeonholed into a character you’re not comfortable with, it’s essential to unlock more agents. Here’s why:

  • Team Composition: A larger pool of agents allows for better strategic choices.
  • Role Flexibility: Access to more agents means you can fill any role your team needs.

Unlocking Agents Through Progression

Valorant’s Progression System, introduced in Episode 7, is your primary path to unlocking new agents. Here’s how it works:

  • Event Participation: Engage in the 28-day event when a new agent is released.
  • XP Earning: Accumulate enough XP within the event period to unlock the agent.

Unlocking Previous Agents

If you’re looking to unlock agents from previous episodes, Valorant offers two main methods:

  • Valorant Points (VP): Spend 1,000 VP in the in-game store for an instant unlock.
  • Kingdom Points: Use 8,000 Kingdom Points for a more gradual, gameplay-based unlock.

Earning Kingdom Points

You can earn kingdom points by completing in-game objectives. Here’s how to gather them:

  • Daily and Weekly Missions: Complete these tasks to steadily accumulate Kingdom Points.
  • Agent Contracts: Activate an agent’s contract in the ‘Agents’ tab and reach the required points to unlock.

Purchasing Agents with Valorant Points

For those who prefer a quicker route, Valorant Points offer an alternative:

  • Valorant Store: Purchase 1,000 VP to unlock any agent immediately.
  • Cost Efficiency: Weigh the cost of VP against the time it would take to earn Kingdom Points.


Understanding how to get agents in Valorant is key to enjoying the game to its fullest. Whether you choose to grind through missions for Kingdom Points or opt for the swiftness of Valorant Points, expanding your roster will undoubtedly enrich your Valorant experience. So, strategize your unlocks, and may your agent pool be as diverse as your gameplay tactics.

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