How to Do A Pro Valorant Lurk

How to Do A Pro Valorant Lurk

    Last Updated on June 11, 2023

Nowadays, there are tons of pro players who lurk in Valorant, and that’s a good thing. It also goes to show that the fundamentals of an FPS game outweigh flashy moves. However, we’re not saying that flashy moves are bad. Don’t quote us on that.

Although some may consider lurking in Valorant to be useless, it really isn’t. It also depends on the circumstances of the round itself. After all, you can’t keep lurking in every round because the enemy team will start expecting you. If you play Valorant or any Tactical Shooter game, you know this is true.

A lurking playstyle is simple. A single agent decides to sneak around the map to attack the enemy team from behind. You just have to make sure that no one spots you along the way.

However, there are still a few things you have to consider to do a Valorant lurk. Undoubtedly, these things are Information, Space, Communication, Timing, and Composition. Once you have these fundamental factors down, you can easily lurk in the odd round or two.

A Valorant Lurk with Information

Every player knows that information about the enemy’s whereabouts is of utmost importance. You also cannot start lurking in Valorant without knowing where certain enemies are on the map. Take for example Ascent in Valorant. Walking into enemy territory without knowing that a Sentinel is waiting around the corner for you is a massive fail.

Now, your team is one man down and, if it was the enemy’s save round, they now have a rifle. Like everyone always says, “You must get all the data you can to make an informed decision.” It also applies to everyday life, and not just in a Valorant lurk.

Lurking in Space

Riot Games always makes an emphasis on the space inside their games, like League of Legends. However, in Valorant, the space is doubly important for you to consider when lurking. You’ll have to play tons of games to get more experience for your game sense. It is also for you to get an accurate read on which spaces on the map do not have enemies or enemy utilities.

It goes hand in hand with the information you have. After all, lurking in Valorant is pointless when walking into a zone full of Cypher or Killjoy traps. You should also note that you can take control of the spaces on a map. So, don’t be afraid to use that to your advantage.


Once you have established control over a certain space in the map, it now becomes your job to communicate. After all, you can often hear the enemies rotating when your team hits or fakes a site. After all, they need that information to win since they are one man down when you start lurking.

You also need information from your team. If they don’t confirm that the enemies fully rotated, you’ll be stuck waiting in a corner for too long. Essentially, all you have to do is keep communicating so everyone knows the plan.

Timing Is Important When Lurking in Valorant

Timing While Lurking in Valorant

While we are on the topic of getting stuck in a corner, you also have to take note of timing. You absolutely cannot stay in one spot for too long. After all, you must constantly remind yourself that your team might be fighting a 4 versus 5. 

Just like knowing the spaces in the map, you must play tons of games to gain experience. Once you’ve gathered enough experience, your game sense improves. After that, your timing will also massively improve. It will also lead to more accurate Valorant lurks.

Composition and Role

The last thing you need to take note of when doing a Valorant lurk is your team comp and role. If you are essential for getting the team on the site, you should not lurk. Take note of your team composition if your team needs your utilities. If you can also determine that they don’t need you for entry, then lurking in Valorant will work best.

Overall, you should also take note of the map you’re playing in. Remember that every other player knows the Valorant lurk patterns and timings. You’ll have to be creative and treat every game as a blank canvas.

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