G2 Esports Pull Off a Massive Upset Versus Paper Rex in Masters Shanghai

G2 Esports Pull Off a Massive Upset Versus Paper Rex in Masters Shanghai

    Last Updated on June 3, 2024

In a remarkable turn of events at Masters Shanghai, G2 Esports orchestrated an upset victory that stunned fans worldwide. The clash that unfolded was not just another match. It was an outright thriller where G2 Esports upset Paper Rex, against all odds.

As fans tuned in, the anticipation was immense—could G2, steadily building a name for themselves, outmaneuver Paper Rex, the team affectionately hailed as the king of clutch?

First Game Showdown on Split

The first game on Split—a map typically considered a stronghold for Paper Rex—was a showcase of their prowess. With dynamic play and minimum of 10 kills from Paper Rex’s trio, Jinggg, Something, and Mindfreak, it seemed the stage was set for their dominance.

The ferocity of Paper Rex’s double duelist composition left G2 Esports reeling at an 11-1 deficit by halftime. The odds of a G2 upset seemed to be fading into oblivion.

G2 Esports’ Comeback on Lotus

G2 Esports’ grit shone through on Lotus, resetting the match’s tone. They surged back, embodying determination and strategy, to balance the scales. Icy, previously overshadowed in the Raze duel, flipped the narrative. Piecing together a match where G2 Esports upset Paper Rex was conceivable. With precision and newfound confidence, G2 closed the gap in a stunning reversal, securing Lotus 13-10.

Decider Match Dominance

The decider on Bind was the proving ground, and only G2 Esports appeared ready to stake their claim. They secured a 10-2 lead at halftime, propelling them ever closer to an accomplished upset over Paper Rex. Valorant phenoms Icy, Trent, leaf, and Valyn replicated Paper Rex’s earlier display. Each netting ten kills to lock in their semifinals spot with a triumphant 2-1 series win.

This pivotal match where G2 Esports upset Paper Rex sent ripples through the tournament, altering expectations and seizing the narrative. G2 now advances, fueled by victory. However, Paper Rex plunges into the unpredictability of the lower bracket, where every match is a fight for survival.


G2 Esports upset Paper Rex has become a defining moment of Masters Shanghai, etching G2’s name into the annals of the tournament’s history. This surprise victory showcases that in competitive play, perseverance, and adaptability can turn underdogs into champions.

As G2 looks to the future, and as Paper Rex battles through the lower bracket, only time will tell how this upset will shape their destiny in the remaining matches of Masters Shanghai.

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