Fans Want Relegation to Apply to All VALORANT Teams

Fans Want Relegation to Apply to All VALORANT Teams

    Last Updated on June 25, 2024

As a fan of VALORANT esports, you may have applauded the recent modifications Riot Games announced for the pro circuit—but for some, the changes don’t go quite far enough. The inclusion of performance-based relegation in Valorant for Ascension teams joining the VCT leagues starting in 2025 has been well-received. However, it has stirred voices within the community calling for equality across the board.

Explaining the New Rule Changes

Starting in 2025, the rules around staying in VCT will change to give Ascension teams more control over their fate. The ability to secure a VCT spot will hinge upon yearly performance with specific targets set.

New Rules for VALORANT Relegation and Staying in VCT:

  • Promotion Length: One year instead of two
  • Qualifying for Champions: Extends the team’s time in the VCT
  • Top Eight Finish: Guarantees a spot in the Ascension tournament

Community’s Call for Equal Relegation Conditions

The community’s push for performance-based relegation in Valorant to be applicable to all VCT teams reflects a desire for egalitarian competition rules. Figures like Ludwig, the co-owner of Moist Moguls, have publicly questioned why partnered teams should be exempt from the threat of relegation, regardless of their in-game success or failure.

Implications of Relegation in Valorant for Partnered Teams

Should relegation in Valorant be extended to include partnered teams? The stakes would be equally high for every participant in the league. This could intensify each competition, knowing that every victory is crucial and every defeat could have serious consequences, potentially reshaping the entire structure of the competitive scene.

Responses from the Pro Community

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina of Cloud9 and the president of the Americas VALORANT Player Association shared a sentiment in the community. While the current change is a good start. Implementing this relegation in Valorant across the board could foster an even fairer and more dynamic environment.


Discussions about the future of relegation in Valorant within the VCT display the passion of a community. The message is clear: everyone should earn their place. The notion of a safety net, even for the established squads. This is an aspect that needs reconsideration for the competitive ecosystem.

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