Fans Discover Leaks of Valorant Giraffe – Is It A Giraffe?

Fans Discover Leaks of Valorant Giraffe – Is It A Giraffe?

    Last Updated on July 22, 2023

VALORANT Leaks & News recently released a leak claiming to be a new agent, Valorant Giraffe. They found the codename in the game files earlier on July 19. However, could this really be a new agent? It seems highly unlikely. Yet, it should also be noted that VALORANT Leaks & News is one of the most trusted data miners in the community.

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Leaks About Valorant Giraffe

We reiterate that VALORANT Leaks & News is a trusted data miner. They wouldn’t just make up this kind of news for fun, would they? Although it does force us to take the leak with a grain of salt, they did find the codename. We just can’t wrap our heads around a long-necked Valorant agent that can peek over walls.

Since then, other data miners and Valorant leakers confirmed what they knew about Valorant Giraffe. It’s currently taking the online community by storm but there are three things we can confirm. First is that, since Deadlock, Riot plans to release two more agents for this year.

Secondly, the leakers and data miners did discover files about an agent codenamed Giraffe. There are even tidbits of lore relating to KAY/O, Deadlock, and Gekko. Check out the tweet below from Valorant Updates about a sound file they found. 

Lastly, it could possibly be the new Duelist that Riot promised us earlier. This also means that Valorant Giraffe will have abilities for creating space and dueling. So, hold on to your keyboards because it might be a long (pun intended) fight on site.

There’s not much information to go around for Valorant Giraffe. However, we’ll let you know once we have more. Until then, stay tuned to the website for more Valorant news.

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