Disguised Toast Calls Out Orgs Dropping Valorant Rosters

Disguised Toast Calls Out Orgs Dropping Valorant Rosters

    Last Updated on July 30, 2023

Recently, Disguised Toast called out Esports orgs for dropping their Valorant Challengers rosters. After all, it seems every major organization is letting go of its players and teams. It has also led many to question the commitment of the orgs and their relationship with Valorant.

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Why Are Orgs Letting Go of Valorant Rosters?

Well, we covered this topic in an article about FaZe Clan stepping back from the game and letting go of their team. The reason why these orgs are letting go of their players is that there isn’t much opportunity in terms of tournaments.

This has led to Disguised Toast asking if they’re really supporting the scene. It is understandable, seeing as Valorant is a new game and that shouldn’t be the reason to let go of rosters. Yet, from a business perspective, it might also be a necessary thing to do regardless of how harsh it seems.

It is due to this lack of tournaments during the off-season that major orgs like TSM, G2 Esports, and FaZe Clan let go of their players. Riot Games has had nothing to say about this issue so far. However, we’re hoping that they might take this as a chance to introduce new things to the Valorant season. They might just be busy because of Valorant Mobile or the new penalty system for toxic Valorant players.

Give the spot to an org that actually wants to be there! The players worked for that.

Disguised Toast

Yet, Disguised Toast was having none of it. He called out whether these organizations are supporting the ecosystem in Valorant by dropping their rosters. We’ll see more changes as the new 2024 season progresses after Valorant Champions 2023. Stay tuned to the website for more Valorant news.

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