Demon1 Benched by NRG for VCT Americas Stage 2

Demon1 Benched by NRG for VCT Americas Stage 2

    Last Updated on May 28, 2024

If you’re following the VALORANT competitive scene closely, you’re probably aware of the shakeup happening at NRG. In a surprising turn of events, reports are indicating that Demon1 has been benched by NRG just ahead of the VCT Americas Stage 2. He is a top-level player known for his sharp duelist skills. This move by NRG has left many in the community speculating about the team’s strategy moving forward.

The Details of Demon1’s Benching

It seems Demon1 will switch to a substitute role and may no longer compete with NRG’s main roster, as rumored in the esports circles. This shift for Demon1 benched by NRG might signal a transitional period for both the player and the team. There might be potential transfer talks that could be looming on the horizon.

The Return of Familiar Faces to NRG

Fans of NRG and the competitive VALORANT scene might see a silver lining with Demon1 benched by NRG, as this makes room for the return of former team members. FNS and s0m are rumored to rejoin the roster, which could reinvigorate the team’s synergy and strategy. With experiences ranging from previous campaigns, their comeback could be exactly what NRG needs to get back on track.

NRG’s Struggles in the First Half of the Season

Prior to the change that led to Demon1 being benched by NRG, the team faced a slew of challenges. Despite a strong start, achieving the title of the best team during the regular season, they fell short of expectations. Missing out on Masters in Madrid and ending at the bottom in Stage One, NRG’s quest for dominance has hit several stumbling blocks leading up to this pivotal roster change.

The New Look of NRG’s Roster

Looking ahead, the team’s makeup will inevitably evolve and change with Demon1 benched by NRG. Assuming s0m steps into the controller role and FNS revives his position as in-game leader, we might see Ethan pivot back to flex with Victor as the anticipated primary duelist.

Community and Competitive Impact

The VALORANT community’s response to Demon1 benched by NRG has been a mix of shock and intrigue. The alteration in NRG’s lineup is likely to have ripples across the VCT Americas Stage 2. Additionally, everyone is eager to see how this experienced team will compete against top contenders like the Sentinels.


The reported news of Demon1 benched by NRG ushers in a new chapter. Not only for the player but for the whole organization as they head into VCT Americas Stage 2. This might be a desperation move to rise through the setbacks they went through before. However, the ultimate test will come on June 22. This is when NRG faces Sentinels in what’s sure to be a match filled with high stakes and keen anticipation.

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