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Deadlock in Valorant Champions Might Be a No-Show

Deadlock in Valorant Champions Might Be a No-Show

    Last Updated on August 7, 2023

Valorant Coaches believe that they might not see Deadlock in Valorant Champions 2023. However, some fans believe that she might finally make her debut at the Champions stage for this tournament. Yet, why do the coaches think that Deadlock might not even make it to a single match? Here’s what we know so far.

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No Deadlock in Valorant Champions?

Although we predicted that Deadlock could be a meta-breaker, some coaches don’t think the same way. At the pre-tournament press conference, Coach Chet from NRG, Coach d00mbr0s from NAVI, and Coach eMIL from Team Liquid had opinions about her abilities. They say that Deadlock is significantly underwhelming compared to other Sentinels.

Since Deadlock arrived before Valorant Champions, no one played her at VCT Last Chance Qualifier.  It should also be worth noting that enough time passed for teams to study and integrate Deadlock into their compositions and strategies. Yet, coaches still have some reservations about the viability of Deadlock as a Sentinel.

They believe that she is a niche character, meaning that someone needs to specifically be good at the agent. The coaches also believe that her abilities and advantages are not equal to the other agents in this meta. One thing worth mentioning is that her Sonic Sensors are practically useless. Coach eMIL clarified that the ability is pointless since enemies frequently move silently to find information.

However, all of this is because of her underwhelming ability kit. Riot Games might make changes to her in the future. Deadlock possibly won’t show up in Valorant Champions, but the opposite could also be true. So, we’ll have to wait and see if she makes her debut on the Championship stage.

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