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Clove Guide Valorant: Abilities Explained

Clove Guide Valorant: Abilities Explained

    Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Valorant’s agent roster is brimming with diverse characters, each bringing their own unique flair to the game. Among them is Clove, an agent whose abilities not only disrupt and debuff opponents but also offer self-hasting and resurrection capabilities in Valorant.

Remarkably, Clove can continue to impact the game with certain abilities even after being eliminated, a feature that sets her apart in Valorant. Let’s delve into the specifics of Clove’s abilities and how to utilize them effectively.


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Ruse (E Ability)

Clove’s signature ability, Ruse, is a vision blocker that can be deployed within a certain radius, functioning similarly to Astra’s Stars but with a twist. When activated, the minimap enlarges, allowing you to place one or both smokes strategically over the battlefield.

As you move, the radius follows, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing situations. Selecting a point on the minimap shows a preview of the smoke’s coverage, aiding in decision-making for Clove or the team’s positioning.

What truly distinguishes Ruse is Clove’s ability to use it post-elimination. If Clove is taken out, she can still activate Ruse while spectating a teammate, albeit with a reduced minimap and radius in Valorant. This allows for continued strategic play, providing smokes from different angles based on teammates’ positions. The ability costs 150 credits and can be used twice per round, offering substantial utility in controlling sightlines.

Pick-me-up (C Ability)

Staying alive is important in Valorant, and Clove’s Pick-me-up ability is tailored to ensure her survivability. This buff ability, which costs 100 credits and can be used once per round, activates after Clove assists in or secures an elimination.

It grants an overheal, temporarily boosting health beyond the standard maximum without exceeding 100 health and 50 additional shields. Once the buff duration ends, Clove’s health returns to its previous state unless replenished by other healing means.

In addition to the overheal, Clove receives a movement speed buff, enhancing her agility on the battlefield in Valorant. While not as rapid as Neon’s speed, it’s a significant boost that can be pivotal during engagements.

Meddle (Q Ability)

Meddle, priced at 250 credits and usable once per round, is another grenade-type ability in Valorant. This ability of Clove inflicts a decay debuff on affected enemies, temporarily reducing their maximum health.

The debuff’s potency is such that it can slash an agent’s health by up to 90 points, making it a force to be reckoned with. However, coordination is key, as Meddle affects teammates as well and requires line of sight, demanding strategic placement to avoid friendly fire.

Not Dead Yet (Ultimate)

The ultimate ability of Clove, Not Dead Yet, takes resurrection mechanics to new heights in Valorant. Upon being defeated, Clove can activate this ability within a brief window to come back to life. Initially intangible and immune to damage, Clove can move but not use abilities or weapons.

This phase can be ended early, after which a timer starts. To remain alive after the duration, Clove must assist in or achieve an elimination. Failure to do so results in a return to elimination.


Clove’s abilities in Valorant are designed for players who prefer an active role in shaping the outcome of each round. From strategic smokes to self-preservation and aggressive debuffs, Clove encourages players to impact the team as much as possible.

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