Best Valorant Agent in the Game: Who is It and Why?

Best Valorant Agent in the Game: Who is It and Why?

    Last Updated on September 7, 2023

After a while of playing Valorant, we can often wonder who the best agent is in the game. Who do you think is the best character that can win every time you use them in a match? The answer is no one. After all, Valorant is a team game that requires coordination and cooperation to win. So, the most optimal choice should be an all-around agent that can fit any of the roles in Valorant.

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Who is the Best Agent in Valorant?

Whoever you have in mind is a big no. It can’t be Jett, the hyper-fragger Duelist who can get in and out of tough situations. After all, with her current horrific nerfs, she ranks lower than Yoru who has the lowest pick rate. Yet, it can’t be any of the Duelists because they really can’t 1v5 a whole game for 13 rounds.

To be the best agent in Valorant, you need someone who can fit all four roles in the game: Duelist, Controller, Initiator, and Sentinel. So, do they sound familiar in your head? The answer is Omen. Omen is the best Valorant agent in the game because he can fill in any role for your team.

All of his abilities make him the optimal choice to become the best. Omen’s Dark Cover fulfills his role as a Controller, blocking angles that your opponents can use. His Shrouded Step also makes him become a Duelist, being able to reposition at any time he wants. Don’t forget about his Paranoia, which blinds enemies and can make him a good substitute Initiator.

However, Omen’s ultimate called From the Shadows might be the reason why he’s the best Valorant agent. It’s an ability that allows him to flank, relocate to another site, or scout ahead for enemies. You might call it the human recon dart, which can replace Sova and Fade’s recon abilities.

Lastly, he can position himself as the last man to enter the site, making him a good Sentinel replacement. You might also find it hard to enter the site if an Omen main is in there. So, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to stay tuned to the website for more news.

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