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Best Duelists You Should Use on Breeze Valorant

Best Duelists You Should Use on Breeze Valorant

    Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Valorant’s map Breeze calls for a unique approach with its wide-open spaces and long sightlines. As a player, choosing the best duelists for Breeze can make the difference between victory and defeat. Duelists are the spearhead of your team, designed to engage first and aggressively, and Breeze’s layout makes this role even more pivotal.


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Role of Duelists on Breeze

On Breeze, duelists must be ever-vigilant, ready to storm sites or guard against flanks. Their role is to create openings and secure areas with swift, decisive action. Here’s why picking the best duelists for Breeze is crucial:

  • Aggressive Play: Duelists’ abilities are tailored for taking the fight to the enemy, which is vital on a map like Breeze.
  • Self-Sufficiency: They can handle themselves in fights without relying too much on support from teammates.

Top Duelists for Breeze

Valorant offers a roster of duelists, but some shine brighter on Breeze due to their abilities to adapt to its challenges:

  • Yoru: Master of surprise attacks, ideal for Breeze’s vast areas.
  • Iso: The newest duelist who balances offense and defense.
  • Neon: Her speed and electric abilities make her a top pick for aggressive plays.
  • Jett: Aerial mobility gives her an edge in Breeze’s open spaces.
  • Raze: Explosive gadgets are perfect for Breeze’s varied terrain.

Yoru’s Abilities and Strategy

Yoru stands out as one of the best duelists for Breeze with his ability to infiltrate and disorient:

  • Gatecrash: Teleport across the map, perfect for flanking or escaping.
  • Fakeout: Decoys that can distract and confuse enemies during site takes or defenses.
  • Dimensional Drift: Gather intel without risk and set up blindsides for unsuspecting foes.

Strategically, Yoru can teleport to unexpected locations, giving your team the upper hand. Pair him with intel-gathering agents like Sova to swiftly eliminate opponents caught off guard.

Iso’s Balanced Playstyle

Iso’s introduction to Valorant brings a well-rounded skill set to Breeze:

  • Contingency: A bullet-blocking wall that allows safe site entries.
  • Undercut: A throwable that phases through walls, perfect for Breeze’s ruins and halls.
  • Double Tap: A shield for one instance of damage, showcasing Iso’s reliability.

His abilities allow for both aggressive pushes and strategic defenses. Combine his skills with rapid-fire weapons to maximize his run-and-gun potential.

Neon’s Speed and Electric Skills

Neon’s electrifying toolkit makes her a meta duelist pick for Breeze:

  • Fast Lane: Creates energy lines for quick site entries.
  • High Gear: Boosts speed for zipping through the map and disorienting enemies.
  • Relay Bolt: Stuns opponents, giving Neon the upper hand in duels.

Use Neon’s speed to your advantage, making swift entries and quick recoveries. Her ultimate, Overdrive, unleashes her full power, allowing her to dash through Breeze and secure eliminations from various ranges.

Jett’s Aerial Advantage

Jett’s mobility as one of the best duelists is a game-changer on Breeze:

  • Drift: Glide through the air, gathering intel and sniping from above.
  • Updraft: Gain a vertical advantage to spot and pick off distant enemies.
  • Cloudburst: Smokes to cover advances or retreats.

Jett excels in taking high ground and providing crucial information. Her Tailwind dash offers an escape from tight spots, while her Blade Storm ultimate is versatile for both close and long-range engagements.

Raze’s Explosive Entry

Raze brings a boom to Breeze as one of the best duelists with her explosive arsenal:

  • Blast Pack: Cover distances quickly and reach unexpected vantage points.
  • Paint Shells: Clear angles and control areas with her grenades.
  • Boom Bot: Chase down defenders in tight spots like B Main and B Elbow.

Raze’s Showstopper can deal area damage across Breeze’s open and tight locations, making her a valuable asset for both attacking and defending.


Choosing the best duelists for Breeze in Valorant can significantly impact your team’s performance. Whether you prefer Yoru’s stealth, Iso’s balance, Neon’s speed, Jett’s aerial prowess, or Raze’s explosive power, each duelist offers unique advantages on this tropical map. Experiment with these agents to find the best fit for your playstyle and lead your team to victory on Breeze.

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