Ben Affleck Discouraged by Jett Nerfs

Ben Affleck Discouraged by Jett Nerfs

    Last Updated on August 29, 2023

As the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament ended, we welcomed the sight of Ben Affleck making his way around the venue. The competition in Los Angeles attracted players from all over, including a few celebrities. Although we do see Ben with his son, we also learn that the actor also likes to play Valorant on his own time.

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Ben Affleck Disappointed At Jett Nerfs

After the tournament, Riot released the preview of Patch 7.04 in preparation for Episode 7 Act 2. In the patch notes, we saw how the developers brutally murdered Jett and a few other agents with tons of nerfs. This led to both the actor and Jett’s voice actress, Shannon Williams, to express their frustration on camera.

We can see Ben Affleck guiding his son through the crowd when they pass Shannon on a photo set. It’s a bit funny, but here’s how the conversation went:

“He could be a Jett main,” said Ben’s son.

“Yeah, but then they nerfed Jett,” says Ben Affleck

“I know!” exclaims Shannon as she wholly agrees with Ben’s sentiment.

In another video, fans found that Ben Affleck loves the first-person tactical shooter. He apparently mains KAY-O, alongside Raze. However, he does say that he remains promiscuous with who he wants to play. Yet, we also see a glimpse of how much love the actor put into Valorant.

This is why the Jett Nerfs disappointed both him and Shannon, as seen in the video. You should check out that article if you want to see a small preview of the Jett nerfs before Episode 7 Act 2. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the website if you want more news.

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