Friday, January 27, 2023

Our team has had the opportunity to organize our very first, officially approved by Riot Games;
VALORANT Tournament: One!

We had the chance to invite 64 teams from all over Southeast Asia, which was also joined by many Tier-1 teams.

For the Finals on 26 June, Zeal Esports from the Philippines and Paper Rex from Singapore battled it out in a Best-of-5 series.

After a long week, Zeal Esports wins the tournament with Paper Rex taking the 2nd place and 3rd & 4th for Team EGO from Vietnam and XcN Gaming from Indonesia!

Media Coverage

We, at KJC eSports, would like to thank all the teams that participated in the tournament, all the viewers from Southeast Asia that tuned in, and for Aim Lab sponsoring the VALORANT Tournament: One!

Please do stay tuned as we have a lot more games, events and news coming up!