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The Priestess Abducted Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

The Priestess Abducted Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

    Last Updated on March 19, 2024

In the early stages of your campaign in Unicorn Overlord, “The Priestess Abducted” quest emerges as a critical test of your strategic abilities. As you take on the mission to rescue Scarlett, you have the liberty to fortify your army. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to navigate The Priestess Abducted quest successfully in Unicorn Overlord.


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The Priestess Abducted Battle Overview Unicorn Overlord

“The Priestess Abducted” quest unfolds on the battlefield of Eucit city, where you’re tasked with defeating Renault to progress. With enemy levels at 8, your victory hinges on capturing the enemy’s command post, while the risk of defeat looms if your command post falls or time runs out. This multifaceted battle requires a keen understanding of unit strengths and the tactical use of the environment to your advantage.

Recommended Formations and Strategy

For “The Priestess Abducted” quest in Unicorn Overlord, it’s essential to deploy formations that can handle the diverse threats you’ll face. The Triple Threat formation, with an Archer and Wizard in the back row and a Warrior in the front, is strong against Hoplites and Gryphons.

Equip your Archer with a Flame Bow and your Wizard with the Chlorotic staff to maximize damage output. Especially against enemies with the Burning status.

Another key formation is the Magic Hoplite unit, which combines the defensive prowess of a Hoplite with the offensive capabilities of a Witch and the support of a Cleric. This unit is particularly effective for taking down the Hoplites and Sellswords defending Avague Village. Ensure your Cleric is equipped with items like the Familiar’s Choker to boost the Witch’s offensive spells.

How To Beat The Priestess Abducted Quest Unicorn Overlord

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To beat “The Priestess Abducted” quest, start by utilizing Fran’s Gryphon Knight formation to secure the War Funds and eliminate the Wizards in the tower. Deploy your Boss Killer, Triple Threat, and Magic Hoplite units strategically to clear the path to Avague Village.

Use the Triple Threat to eliminate the Armored Infantry and Gryphon Knights, and have the Magic Hoplite capture the village. As you advance, be prepared for reinforcements. Additionally, use Arrow Rain to weaken the enemy before engaging with your main units.

In the final phase of “The Priestess Abducted” quest, you’ll face Galerius. He is a formidable boss with the ability to reduce your team’s HP to 1 and inflict Poison. The Boss Killer formation, with its focus on countering Galerius’s skills, is crucial here. Engage Galerius with this specialized unit, and use items like Silver Hourglass to maintain the pressure and prevent him from recovering.


Completing “The Priestess Abducted” quest in Unicorn Overlord is a significant achievement that demonstrates your growing command over the game’s strategic elements.

By following this guide and carefully planning your formations and tactics. You’ll rescue Scarlett and strengthen your position in the game. Remember, each decision you make and each battle you win contributes to the success of your Liberation army.

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