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The Battle for Barbatimo Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

The Battle for Barbatimo Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

    Last Updated on March 22, 2024

Embark on The Battle for Barbatimo in Unicorn Overlord, a quest that not only challenges your strength but also offers the chance to expand your ranks with a new character. As one of the early missions, this battle serves as a quick test of your tactical prowess and introduces you to the game’s nuanced combat system.

This guide will navigate you through the intricacies of The Battle for Barbatimo, ensuring you’re well-prepared to face Mordon and his Hoplites.


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The Battle for Barbatimo Overview Unicorn Overlord

The Battle for Barbatimo Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

The Battle for Barbatimo in Unicorn Overlord pits you against the city’s defender, Mordon, a formidable Warrior wielding a colossal hammer, and his Hoplite guards.

With victory hinging on capturing the enemy’s command post, you must carefully maneuver through the city’s defenses, which are bolstered by Mantlets that enhance physical defense. Understanding the layout and enemy composition is key to formulating a successful strategy.

Unit Setup and Strategy

For The Battle for Barbatimo in Unicorn Overlord, your unit setup is crucial. Position Alain defensively, with a Wizard providing the offensive power and a Cleric for healing. Equip Alain with a Lapis Pendant for added defense and arm your Wizard with the Chlorotic staff to penetrate the Hoplites’ mantlet-boosted defenses. This setup is designed to tackle the Hoplites at the city entrance and Mordon himself.

How To Beat The Battle Of Barbatimo in Unicorn Overlord

Begin by sending Alain’s unit to converse with Rolf, converting him to your cause. As you advance, have Chloe and Travis target the Hoplites and Axebearers, respectively. Once inside Barbatimo, Mordon will command his Hoplites to converge on your position.

Utilize your Magic Unit to break through their defenses, and then deploy your backup unit to eliminate any remaining foes. Remember to collect valuable items like the Herb and Miracle Fruit during the battle.

Decision on Recruiting Mordon

After defeating Mordon in The Battle for Barbatimo, you’re faced with a decision: recruit Mordon or claim the Honors reward. Recruiting Mordon adds a versatile Warrior to your army early in the game. Additionally, he grants you the ability to repair bridges. While Honors are useful, you can easily farm them in the game. This makes the recruitment of Mordon a strategic long-term investment for your army in Unicorn Overlord.


The Battle for Barbatimo in Unicorn Overlord is a testament to your growing command over the battlefield. By employing the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll not only conquer the city but also make critical decisions that shape the future of your campaign.

Whether you choose to bolster your forces with Mordon or enrich your coffers with Honors. Your actions will have lasting repercussions on your journey through the world of Unicorn Overlord.

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