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Solitary Resistance Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

Solitary Resistance Walkthrough Unicorn Overlord

    Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Embarking on the Solitary Resistance quest in Unicorn Overlord marks one of your first journeys into the game’s strategic depth. This mission not only tests your combat prowess against the cunning Thief class but also rewards you with the chance to expand your army with a new character and class.

As you prepare to tackle this challenge, this guide will arm you with the strategies needed to ensure your success and make the most of the rewards on offer.


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Unit Setup and Strategy

In the Solitary Resistance quest, your unit setup is crucial as you’re still early in your journey through Unicorn Overlord. Position your leader on horseback for mobility and stagger your troops to avoid the Soldiers’ column attacks.

Alain’s Envoy should focus on recruiting Rolf and engaging Housecarls, Soldiers, and Archers. Travis’ Party, with Josef and Lex, will tackle the southern bandits, while Chloe’s Party supports by thinning out enemy numbers.

How To Beat The Solitary Resistance Quest

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To conquer the Solitary Resistance quest, start by directing Alain straight to Rolf to recruit him, replacing the attack command with the talk option. As Chloe and Travis head south, use Rolf’s assist to defeat the first two enemy troops.

Alain should then collect the Miracle Fruit and Empowering Drought, while Rolf uses Arrow Rain to weaken Gammel. Focus on using Rolf’s assist strategically for kills and managing action points efficiently.

The confrontation with Gammel is the climax of the Solitary Resistance quest. After collecting valuable items and weakening enemy forces, use Rolf’s Arrow Rain to target Gammel and his troops. If necessary, engage in direct combat to finish off Gammel, ensuring you’ve managed your Valor Points effectively to use Rolf’s skills to their fullest potential.

Decision-Making and Consequences

At the end of the Solitary Resistance quest, you’re faced with a decision regarding Gammel’s fate. Whether you choose to release him or hand him over to the Town Watch, Gammel will ultimately go free. However, your choice affects future events: releasing him leads to his assistance in Elheim and his eventual recruitment while handing him over rewards you with gold.


Successfully completing the Solitary Resistance quest in Unicorn Overlord sets the tone for your strategic approach to future missions. By following this guide, you’ll navigate through the battle with confidence, making informed decisions that impact your journey. Whether you opt for immediate rewards or long-term gains, your choices shape the narrative and strength of your army in Unicorn Overlord.

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