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How to Recruit Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord

How to Recruit Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord

    Last Updated on March 15, 2024

In the vast world of Unicorn Overlord, assembling a formidable team is crucial to your success, and Ochlys stands out as a character you don’t want to overlook. With over 60 unique characters to choose from, Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord captures attention with her swift combat skills and the rare ability to fly, making her a valuable asset to Alain’s Liberation Army.

If you’re keen on having this powerful ally by your side, this guide will walk you through the steps to recruit Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord.


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Initial Encounter with Ochlys

Your first encounter with Ochlys occurs during The Winged Knight quest, where she temporarily joins your forces. Her impressive speed and aerial advantage quickly demonstrate her worth in battle. However, once the quest concludes, Ochlys will depart from your party, leaving you with the task of convincing her to rejoin your ranks for the battles ahead.

How to Recruit Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord

To have Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord join your army on a permanent basis, you’ll need to engage with her outside of the battlefield. After her departure, Ochlys sets up shop at Rondmort Church, where she opens a Divine Shardshop. This shop becomes the key to securing her loyalty, as your transactions here will ultimately lead to her recruitment.

Trading Divine Shards for Recruitment

The path to recruiting Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord is paved with Divine Shards. These rare items are the currency she values above all else, and trading them at her shop is the only way to win her over. Accumulate at least 30 Divine Shards and trade them with Ochlys at the Divine Shardshop. Once you’ve reached this milestone, she will offer to join your army as a permanent member after you close the shop menu. Rest assured, even after Ochlys becomes a part of your team, the shop will continue to operate, managed by a generic character, ensuring you don’t lose access to this valuable resource.

Acquiring Divine Shards

Finding Divine Shards in Unicorn Overlord is an adventure in itself. These coveted items are scattered throughout the game’s expansive world. These are often hidden in nooks and crannies or rewarded upon completing side quests.

To boost your collection, make it a priority to explore each new area thoroughly and tackle side quests as they arise. Additionally, the mining minigame is a reliable source of Divine Shards. So don’t shy away from picking up the pickaxe and delving into the depths.

Additional Tip in Recruiting Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord

For those who face the moral dilemma in The Winged Knight Quest. Choosing to execute Mandrin can unexpectedly aid in recruiting Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord.

This decision grants you a hefty sum of 15 Divine Shards instantly. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to gather the 30 shards needed for Ochlys’s recruitment. While it’s a tough choice, the strategic benefits are undeniable for players focused on swiftly bolstering their ranks.


Recruiting Ochlys in Unicorn Overlord is a testament to strategic gameplay and resource management. By trading Divine Shards at Rondmort Church and making key decisions during quests, you can secure a powerful ally who will bring speed, agility, and a new dynamic to your army.

Remember, every character you recruit not only strengthens your forces but also brings you one step closer to victory in the world of Unicorn Overlord. So gather those Divine Shards, interact with Ochlys, and build an army that legends are made of.

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