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Triangle Strategy Romance: What You Need to Know

Triangle Strategy Romance: What You Need to Know

    Last Updated on October 7, 2023

In the world of JRPGs, romance often adds depth and emotion to the gaming experience. However, when it comes to Triangle Strategy, the romance mechanics may not align with what you expect. It does not align with what most JRPGs do, and you will see it for yourself in this article.

In this article, we dive into the world of romance in Triangle Strategy and shed light on the intricate relationships within the game.


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Romance Mechanics in Triangle Strategy

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Triangle Strategy takes a unique approach to storytelling. While many JRPGs allow players to shape romantic relationships between characters, this game officially offers no such mechanics. You won’t find options to pair up Serenoa, the main character, with someone of your choosing, and this limitation extends to the side and support characters as well.

Despite the absence of traditional romance mechanics, Triangle Strategy weaves a compelling narrative with love at its core. From the beginning, Serenoa and Frederica are engaged to be married. As you progress through the game, their relationship develops organically, influenced by your choices.

Depending on the path you choose in the end, their story can take various turns, revealing different facets of their relationship.

Triangle Strategy may not provide checkboxes for romance, but it delves deep into character relationships. Side stories play a pivotal role in uncovering the intricacies of these bonds. As you explore these tales, you’ll discover that various characters harbor romantic interests and engage in meaningful relationships.


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In the world of Triangle Strategy, romance mechanics may be absent, but the game compensates with rich character relationships and evolving narratives. While you can’t decide who Serenoa or other characters will romance, you can witness the intricate tapestry of their interactions.

Each character in the game is well-written, and you will grow attached to at least six of them by the time you finish the game. As a gamer, you’ll appreciate the depth and emotion that Triangle Strategy brings to its storytelling.

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