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Triangle Strategy Golden Route: A Guide to the True Ending

Triangle Strategy Golden Route: A Guide to the True Ending

    Last Updated on October 8, 2023

In the world of video gaming, few experiences match the thrill of discovering multiple endings, each offering a unique perspective on the story. Triangle Strategy, a tactical RPG beloved by gamers, is no exception to this rule. Among the various endings, the coveted Triangle Strategy Golden Route stands out as the gateway to the game’s true conclusion.

In this guide, we’ll navigate the intricacies of Triangle Strategy’s Golden Route, revealing the pivotal choices needed to unlock it and experience the ultimate ending to this epic tale.

Understanding the Triangle Strategy Golden Route

Triangle Strategy Golden Route Characters

The Golden Route represents the holy grail of Triangle Strategy’s narrative, leading players to the game’s true conclusion. To embark on this extraordinary journey, one must navigate a series of pivotal choices throughout the game, each exerting a profound influence on the storyline.

Triangle Strategy’s Golden Route will net you two additional chapters you can play. In addition, it offers the best experience Triangle Strategy can give you. Additionally, you can have an easier time unlocking this ending using New Game Plus.

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Triangle Strategy Golden Route Requirements

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Unveiling the Golden Route involves making critical choices in specific chapters. Each decision significantly shapes the story, determining whether the path to the true ending remains accessible. Let’s delve into the chapters and choices crucial to unlocking the Golden Route:

  • Chapter 7: A Soul Upon the Scales
    • Choice: Protect or Surrender Roland
  • Chapter 9: Dwindling Light
    • Choice: Transport the Illegal Salt
  • Chapter 10a: Beneath a Frigid Sky
    • Choice: Reveal Roland’s Identity to Svarog
  • Chapter 11: Oppressions Under the Sun
    • Choice: Defend the Roselle
  • Chapter 15: A Banner’s Worth
    • Choice: Return to Wolffort
  • Chapter 17: If Griefs Could Passions Move
    • Choice: Find Another Way (Appears if all conditions are met)

To help you ensure that you will make these choices, here is the step-by-step guide for you to follow:

Chapter 7: Protect Roland or Surrender?

In Chapter 7, during the Voting phase, players confront a crucial dilemma: whether to protect or surrender Roland. This choice sets the tone for later chapters. Opting to protect Roland triggers a battle with Avlora in Chapter 7a. To remain on the Golden Route, refrain from using fire traps during this confrontation, as they play a pivotal role in maintaining the desired path.

Conversely, if players choose to surrender Roland, information about fire traps will surface later in Chapter 8b, as they won’t be present during battles in Chapter 8b. In this chapter, you can opt for any option as long as you do not use the fire traps in the battle.


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Chapter 9: Transporting Illegal Salt

In Chapter 9, another critical choice emerges during the Voting phase: whether to transport the illegal salt. To progress along the Golden Route, this choice must win the vote, setting the stage for Chapter 10a: “Beneath the Frigid Sky.” While doing illegal activities might seem wrong, this choice is important for you to unlock the Triangle Strategy Golden Route.

Chapter 10a: Revealing Roland’s Identity to Svarog

Chapter 10a presents another pivotal moment. During the Voting scene, players must persuade their party to reveal Roland’s identity to Svarog. This action is a prerequisite for advancing along the Golden Route.

Chapter 11: Defend the Roselle

Chapter 11 introduces another critical choice. During the Voting scene, players must convince their party to defend the Roselle, even if it strains relations with Hyzante. This choice paves the way for Chapter 12.

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Chapter 12: Finding the Roselle Key (Pink Rock)

Chapter 12 presents a unique challenge: locating the Pink Rock within the Elder’s House during the Exploration phase. Failing to find it here can lead to an early game over. To secure the Pink Rock:

  1. Enter the Elder’s House and speak to him. Initially, he’ll deny the key’s existence.
  2. Exit the Elder’s House and converse with Benedict. Then, request a favor from Frederica.
  3. Frederica will engage the Elder and bring him outside. Re-enter the Elder’s House and inspect the area where the Elder was to find the Pink Rock.

After the exploration, make sure to point out the Pink Rock as the key. If you do not present the Pink Rock as the key, it will be game over.

Chapter 15: Returning to Wolffort

Chapter 15 offers another pivotal choice during the Voting phase. Convincing others to return to Wolffort to meet Symon back in the castle is essential, as it’s necessary to proceed along the Golden Route. Returning to Wolffort also permanently adds Milo to the player’s party.

Chapter 17: Finding Another Way

Chapter 17 marks the juncture where the story diverges into distinct routes, each leading to a different ending. If players have met all the conditions in previous chapters, the option to “Find Another Way” becomes available.

This choice appears only when all conditions are met. When faced with two options, select “There must be another way!” Serenoa will then ponder several questions, and players must choose the following answers:

  • Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?
  • Might Lord Svarog be the key?
  • We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess’s statue.
  • They’re of the Consortium.

Selecting these answers will guide players through a couple more chapters until they finally reach the Golden Route’s ending.

Unlocking the Golden Route in Triangle Strategy demands meticulous attention to specific chapters and choices. By adhering to these steps and making the right decisions, players will be rewarded with the true ending of this captivating RPG. Embark on this epic journey, choose wisely, and savor the culmination of the game’s intricate narrative.

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