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Triangle Strategy Endings: How To Unlock Each Ending

Triangle Strategy Endings: How To Unlock Each Ending

    Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Triangle Strategy, the latest HD-2D masterpiece from Square Enix, offers players a captivating narrative experience, where every decision they make shapes the outcome. This article delves into the world of Triangle Strategy endings, revealing how your choices can lead you down four distinct paths, each with its own consequences.

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Understanding Triangle Strategy Endings

Triangle Strategy is renowned for its multiple endings, adding depth and replayability to the game. Your decisions carry weight in this epic tale, with each choice influencing the story’s direction. This article draws insights from credible sources to shed light on the game’s four distinct endings.

Morality Ending

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If you value honor and justice, the Morality ending awaits. By selecting triangle strategy choices aligned with moral values, you’ll steer the narrative in this direction. Here are the pivotal decisions to secure this ending:

  • In Chapter 3, journey to the Grant Duchy of Aesfrost.
  • In Chapter 7, defend Prince Roland from the Aesfrosti army.
  • In Chapter 8, accept Silvio’s proposal.
  • In Chapter 10, reveal Roland’s identity.
  • In Chapter 11, defend the Roselle.
  • In Chapter 13, destroy the bridge.
  • In Chapter 15, return to Wolffort.
  • In Chapter 17, place your faith in Frederica’s vision.

Be prepared to bid farewell to Benedict, a loyal companion.

Utility Ending

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Those who prioritize practicality and rationality can achieve the Utility ending. Make choices in triangle strategy that prioritize profit and usefulness to unlock this ending:

  • In Chapter 7, surrender Prince Roland to the Aesfrosti army.
  • In Chapter 8, ally with Aesfrost to attack Hyzante.
  • In Chapter 9, transport the illegal salt.
  • In Chapter 11, deliver the Roselle to Hyzante.
  • In Chapter 13, destroy the dam.
  • In Chapter 15, remain in the crown city.
  • In Chapter 17, stand with Roland.

However, this path comes at the cost of losing Frederica.

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Liberty Ending

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For those championing freedom, free will, and personal choice, the Liberty ending is the way to go. These choices will pave your path for this triangle strategy endings:

  • In Chapter 3, travel to the Holy State of Hyzante.
  • In Chapter 8, your choice here hinges on your decision in the previous chapter:
    • Reject Silvio’s proposal if you protected Prince Roland in Chapter 7.
    • Ally with Hyzante if you surrendered Prince Roland in Chapter 7.
  • In Chapter 9, travel to Hyzante to report the illegal salt shipments.
  • Keep Roland’s identity secret in Chapter 10.
  • In Chapter 13, infiltrate the castle.
  • In Chapter 15, journey to the Rosellan village.
  • In Chapter 17, accept Benedict’s strategy.

Choosing the path of liberty may result in Roland leaving your party.

The Golden Ending

The coveted Golden ending is the pinnacle of Triangle Strategy endings. Achieving this requires meeting specific criteria. Missing even one requirement will lock you out of this extraordinary ending, so tread carefully. Since this ending is too hard to do properly, we will dedicate a separate article just for this one in the near future.

To gain control over your Triangle Strategy endings, here are some strategies:

  • Understand the conviction values and how they impact choices.
  • Utilize New Game+ to reveal the conviction values of each answer, aiding in your desired ending selection.

In the world of Triangle Strategy endings, your choices define your fate. Whether you seek the path of morality, utility, liberty, or the enigmatic golden ending, understanding the choices is key to unlocking the story you desire. Explore the multiple endings, make informed decisions, and embark on a journey that truly puts you in control.

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