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Triangle Strategy Classes: The Ultimate Guide

Triangle Strategy Classes: The Ultimate Guide

    Last Updated on October 14, 2023

Triangle Strategy, the tactical RPG that has captured the hearts of gamers, offers a unique classes and job system that sets it apart from other titles in the genre. While it may seem a bit confusing at first, this system allows you to customize your team and lead them to victory.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Triangle Strategy classes, breaking down how they work and what you need to know to create an unstoppable squad.


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How Classes Work in Triangle Strategy

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In Triangle Strategy Classes, leveling up your units is essential for success on the battlefield. However, gaining experience points isn’t as simple as it seems. Only individual units that actively participate in battles earn experience, not your entire party. Furthermore, you can only promote units after they reach level 10, which typically happens around Chapter 5 or 6 of the game.

Class Progression

Triangle Strategy classes are divided into three categories: Recruit, Veteran, and Elite. The default class for all units is Recruit, and to unlock the Veteran and Elite classes, characters must reach specific levels and obtain Medals of Bravery and Valor.

  • Recruit Class: The default class for all units.
  • Veteran Class: Unlockable at level 10 with the Medal of Bravery.
  • Elite Class: Unlocked at level 20 with the Medal of Valor.

Once your unit qualifies for an upgrade, visit the Sundry Shop located in the Encampment. Promoting your unit’s class in Triangle Strategy unlocks advanced skills and boosts your TP meter. Additionally, the unit’s appearance gets a fresh look, reflecting their newfound power.


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How Jobs Work in Triangle Strategy

In Triangle Strategy, unlike some other tactical RPGs, you can’t freely switch your unit’s jobs. If a character starts as an archer, they’ll remain an archer throughout the game. If you want a more diverse team, your best option is to recruit additional units. However, that doesn’t mean your characters are stuck – class promotions offer another path to increased power.

Triangle Strategy Classes List

Class promotions are the key to making your units more formidable. As they advance through the Recruit, Veteran, and Elite classes, their abilities and utility expand. Here’s a list of Triangle Strategy classes and their respective promotions:

  • Acrobat (Veteran) -> Trick Master (Elite)
  • Advisor (Veteran) -> Master Advisor (Elite)
  • Apothecary (Veteran) -> Medicine Master (Elite)
  • Artisan (Veteran) -> Craft Master (Elite)
  • Boss (Veteran) -> Big Boss (Elite)
  • Bow Adept (Veteran) -> Divine Bow (Elite)
  • Brawler (Veteran) -> Divine Fist (Elite)
  • Clairvoyant (Veteran) -> Timespeaker (Elite)
  • Cleric (Veteran) -> Prayer Master (Elite)
  • Cryomancer (Recruit) -> Ice Caster (Veteran) -> Ice Master (Elite)
  • Dancer (Veteran) -> Master Dancer (Elite)
  • Dark General (Veteran) -> Great General (Elite)
  • Dawnspear (Veteran) -> Divine Spear (Elite)
  • Geologist (Veteran) -> Land Master (Elite)
  • Hawkbow (Recruit) -> Flyer (Veteran) -> Master Flyer (Elite)
  • Hawkshield (Veteran) -> Winguard (Elite)
  • Hunter (Recruit) -> Archer (Veteran) -> Bow Master (Elite)
  • Mathematician (Veteran) -> Numerologist (Elite)
  • Mounted Healer (Veteran) -> Cure Knight (Elite)
  • Physician (Recruit) -> Curist (Veteran) -> Master Curist (Elite)
  • Pyromancer (Recruit) -> Fire Caster (Veteran) -> Fire Master (Elite)
  • Sage (Veteran) -> Spell Master (Elite)
  • Shamaness (Veteran) -> Spirit Master (Elite)
  • Shieldbearer (Recruit) -> Guardian (Veteran) -> Master Guardian (Elite)
  • Spear Knight (Recruit) -> Cavalryman (Veteran) -> Master Cavalryman (Elite)
  • Spy (Recruit) -> Assassin (Veteran) -> Master Assassin (Elite)
  • Swordsman (Recruit) -> Swordfighter (Veteran) -> Swordmaster (Elite)
  • Tactician (Recruit) -> Strategist (Veteran) -> Master Strategist (Elite)
  • Treasure Hunter (Veteran) -> Treasure Chaser (Elite)
  • Wordsmith (Veteran) -> Elocutionist (Elite)

Understanding the intricacies of Triangle Strategy classes is vital for mastering this tactical RPG. With the unique class and job system, you have the flexibility to create a team tailored to your playstyle. Remember, while you can’t change a unit’s job, class promotions provide a path to more powerful units. So, explore the various classes, build your dream team, and lead them to victory on the battlefield.

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