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The Best Triangle Strategy Characters You Should Prioritize

The Best Triangle Strategy Characters You Should Prioritize

    Last Updated on October 5, 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Triangle Strategy, a game by Square Enix that takes you to a land torn by war, where your beliefs shape your choices. The Triangle Strategy characters you pick play a big role in your success.

Each character has their own special skills, and in this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 Triangle Strategy heroes, what makes them stand out, and how they can help your team.

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Narve – The Mage Who Can Do It All (Rank 10)

An image of Narve.

Let’s start the best Triangle Strategy characters with Narve, a mage who can use spells from all the elements, and he can even do some healing magic. His ability to use different kinds of magic lets you take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

However, he only knows basic spells for each element, so his damage isn’t as high as some other mages. Still, his master spell can hurt enemies and heal your allies in a line, showing his adaptability and making him a good addition to any team.

Julio – The Team’s TP Manager (Rank 9)

An image of Julio.

TP is really important in Triangle Strategy characters, and Julio is great at managing it. He gives his TP to allies and reduces it for enemies. Julio can do okay in combat, and he can choose between physical and magical attacks when fighting up close. His main role is to support your team, especially mages who use TP quickly.

Ezana – The Weather-Changer (Rank 8)

An image of Ezana.

Ezana can change the weather on the battlefield, which is pretty cool. She can make it rain, create puddles, and put out fires. She can also make tempest winds that make it harder for bows to hit. While her magic is strong, it doesn’t always work well with your team.

Changing the weather can affect both your allies and your enemies. Still, her ultimate move calls down a thunderstorm to hit all enemies at once, which can be a game-changer.

Benedict – The Stat Booster (Rank 7)

An image of Benedict.

Benedict is the first support triangle strategy character you get, and he’s all about making your team stronger. He boosts your allies’ offense and defense. As he levels up, his abilities get even better. He can make an ally act right away or give someone an extra turn.

He doesn’t do a lot of damage, but that’s not his job. His master move lets allies take a hit without getting hurt. No matter what you’re up against, Benedict is a good choice for your team.

Geela – The Healer (Rank 6)

An image of Geela.

When you need healing, Geela is the one to turn to as the best triangle strategy character healer. She has a basic healing spell she can use every round, and other healing spells for groups or critical injuries. Geela doesn’t do much damage with her staff, but that’s not her job.

Even when there’s no healing needed, she can speed up an ally’s turn with haste. Her best ability lets an ally come back to life after they’ve been defeated. You’ll want to bring her along on every mission.

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Hughette – The Mobile Archer (Rank 5)

An image of Hughette . The Top 5 Triangle Strategy Characters

Hughette is an archer with a bit less damage, but she makes up for it with her mobility. She rides on a giant hawk, so she can ignore terrain and move around easily. This lets her find safe spots or attack from a better angle than other archers.

She can also blind and immobilize enemies, which can be really helpful. At higher levels, she can move to high spots and attack from a distance, thanks to her hawk. She’s a hard one to pin down and can be a great help as one of the best triangle strategy characters.

Frederica – The Fire Mage (Rank 4)

An image of Frederica. The Top 4 Triangle Strategy Characters

Frederica is your strongest mage, and she uses fire to attack enemies in different ways. But her spells use a lot of TP, so you’ll want someone who can support her. Her spells hit groups of enemies, and they have different patterns, so you can adjust to where the enemies are.

Using oil flasks with her spells makes fire hazards that hurt your foes even more. Her master move is like a giant sun that depends on your TP for its power. Suffice it to say that she is one of the best triangle strategy characters when dealing damage.

Serenoa – The Swordfighter (Rank 3)

An image of Serenoa. The Top 3 Triangle Strategy Characters

The cool, calm, and collected MC cracks into the top 3 of the best triangle strategy characters list. Serenoa is your main character and a strong physical damage dealer with enough defense to handle being on the front lines.

His abilities are straightforward but strong. He can attack and delay an enemy’s turn, strike back after getting hit, hit all enemies around him, and attack from a distance. Whatever style you prefer, Serenoa fits right in.

General Avlora – The Tough Fighter (Rank 2)

An image of General Avlora. The Top 2 Triangle Strategy Characters

General Avlora is a hidden triangle strategy characters you can find on the Golden Path, and she’s a tough one. She’s really strong and has good defenses. In fights, she takes big risks to deal as much damage as possible. She hurts herself and lowers her defense to hit harder. But she has abilities that make her stronger when her health drops below half. You can use her as a solo fighter, and she’ll be even stronger for it.

Anna – The Spy (Rank 1)

An image of Anna. The Top Triangle Strategy Characters

At the top of our triangle strategy characters list is Anna, a spy you meet early in the game. She’s amazing because she can take two actions on her turn without needing to do anything special. This means she levels up faster than anyone else since everyone gets experience for each action they take.

She’s a spy, so she’s great at sneaking around and attacking enemies from behind. She can also poison or put enemies to sleep, and she can move up and down quickly. Anna can go where you need her and do what you want.

In Triangle Strategy, the characters you choose can make or break your success. These top 10 heroes offer a variety of skills and styles to suit your strategy. Whether you need mages, support, or strong attackers, you’ll find the right hero for your team.

Assemble your dream team, explore their abilities, and lead them to victory in this world of convictions and choices. Triangle Strategy characters are your key to triumph in this war-torn land.

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