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A Complete Guide to Triangle Strategy Convictions

A Complete Guide to Triangle Strategy Convictions

    Last Updated on October 5, 2023

If you’ve dived into the world of Triangle Strategy, you’ve likely noticed the phrase Serenoa’s convictions have been strengthened. These words flash across your screen more times than you can count. But what exactly do these convictions mean? How can you, as a player, influence them? In fact, Triangle Strategy Convictions are too important to not understand.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the Convictions system in Triangle Strategy, exploring the three crucial elements: Liberty, Morality, and Utility, and how they shape your journey.

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Understanding the Conviction System

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Triangle Strategy embraces its triangular theme, and the Conviction system is no exception. It revolves around three fundamental aspects: Liberty, Morality, and Utility, each playing a pivotal role in the game’s narrative decisions.

Liberty signifies the freedom to express individuality within a kingdom. Morality represents doing what is right and refraining from what’s not, while Utility pertains to making the most out of resources for the people’s happiness.

These aspects have numerical designations, hidden until New Game Plus, and your choices throughout the game accrue points in each aspect, allowing you to exert influence during Scales of Conviction sequences.

Increasing Liberty

Triangle Strategy Convictions: Boosting your Liberty points involves several strategies:

  • Spend your in-game currency, as money spent raises your Liberty.
  • Utilize weapon upgrade materials with Jens, the blacksmith.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings during the Exploration Phase.
  • Engage in battles strategically, as Liberty points are earned when fighting lower-level enemies.

Increasing Morality

Triangle Strategy Convictions: You can increase Morality points through these methods:

  • Participate in mental mock battles outside the main story.
  • Engage with NPCs during the Exploration Phase.
  • Spend Kudos points judiciously.
  • Buff your allies in battles, especially by winning without eliminating every enemy unit.

Increasing Utility

Triangle Strategy Convictions: Utility points can be accrued efficiently by:

  • Gathering information, notes, and items during the Exploration Phase.
  • Following the game’s recommended units when heading into battles.
  • Using Quietuses and securing spoils in battle.
  • Winning battles when the recommended level is higher than your own.

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How Strengthened Convictions Benefit the Player

Triangle Strategy Convictions scores play a pivotal role in your interactions and progress within the game. A higher Conviction in a specific aspect significantly boosts related dialogue decisions during Conviction-related conversations.

For instance, during a Scales of Conviction event with a character like Geela, having a high Utility score allows you to select Utility-based dialogue options, adding 50 Utility points to your stockpile. This increases the likelihood of convincing Geela, or any character, to agree with your stance during the conversation.

This influence of Triangle Strategy Convictions scores isn’t just limited to dialogue. They also impact the arrival of new playable characters through Character Stories. Starting from around the fourth chapter, Character Stories become accessible, providing further development for key cast members and introducing powerful new units to Serenoa’s army. However, these units only become available for recruitment if you’ve achieved a high enough result in a specific Conviction aspect.

For example, Julio Wrightman won’t join your ranks until you’ve accumulated a significant number of Morality points. It’s entirely possible to miss out on recruiting certain characters if you neglect to balance your Conviction scores throughout the game.


In the world of Triangle Strategy, your convictions are more than just words; they are the key to unlocking the full potential of your journey. Understanding and strategically increasing Liberty, Morality, and Utility will not only shape your character’s decisions but also determine who joins your party on your quest.

As you venture deeper into this tactical RPG, remember the triangular nature of the Conviction system and its influence on the unfolding narrative. So, bolster your convictions, make wise choices, and lead Serenoa and his allies to victory.

In this guide, we’ve covered the essentials of Triangle Strategy convictions, offering practical advice for enhancing your gaming experience. Embrace the power of conviction and let it guide you on your epic journey.

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