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Tekken 8 Special Intros Revealed By Data Miners

Tekken 8 Special Intros Revealed By Data Miners

    Last Updated on August 21, 2023

As the highly anticipated fighting game, Tekken 8, draws closer to its release, a recent data mine reveals special intros. The reveal also includes character portraits, allowing fans to see a glimpse of what they can expect from the game. However, the miners did not find special intros for all of our favorite characters.

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Who Are the Tekken 8 Characters With Special Intros?

The data mine’s purpose was to find out if the previously leaked roster of the characters was true or not. Interestingly, the anonymous leaker spoke the truth with so many confirmations. One of the files included voice lines that interacted with other characters, solidifying their presence in the game.

However, the most interesting parts of this data mine are the Tekken 8 characters with special intros. These intros often include unique interactions between characters, like Law and Paul. You will find that some of them are quite exciting, which can add more to the gameplay experience. Here’s a list of the discovered characters with intros so far:

  • Lili has a special intro with Azucena
  • Xiaoyu shares a special intro with Panda
  • Asuka and Leroy have special intros with Feng Wei
  • Jack-8 has a special intro with Alisa
  • Bryan and Yoshimitsu have special intros recalling the endings of Tekken 5
  • Nina and Lars have special intros with Lee
  • Kazuya has special intros with Shaheen and Reina
  • Devil Jin has a few special intros in Tekken 8, including ones with Jun, Jin, and Claudio
  • Zafina has a unique transformation when against Claudio
  • Steve also has special intros with Hwoarang and King, making it a battle against specialists

These Tekken 8 special intros are one of the things that allow players to explore more of the lore. However, the data miners did find that there is nothing available for our favorite characters. These characters include favorites like Leo, Dragunov, Kuma, and Victor. We’ll let you know more as we get more information. Until then, stay tuned to the website for the latest updates.

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