Friday, January 27, 2023

Here are the people that bring you quality VALORANT events, tournaments and news in Southeast Asia.



Was dropshipping at the age of 18. Ran his own fashion blog, and became a freelance website developer before being exposed to the world of esports. Started KJC eSports to bring Southeast Asia’s talents to the global stage.



The only thing that overshadows his love for video games is probably his energy to try and be the best at everything he finds interest in. Right now, that's shoutcasting. Also a dog dad to Jake.


Dash is a former collegiate League of Legends player and he shifted to FPS games recently and found his love for Valorant. He really loves sharing his thoughts about the game and analyzing strategies and team compositions. He really likes putting the spotlight on players and is constantly amazed by their dedication.


I have a passion for Esports and a voice I absolutely love to use! I have fused the two ingredients and made shouting in front of a monitor a delight. Commentating on Valorant games will always continue to amaze me!


I have more than 4 years in experience as a professional shoutcaster. My forte is play-by-play and I generally enjoy using my voice as an instrument of entertainment. I am well-versed in different games ranging across multiple genres from MOBAs to FPS. Currently actively shoutcasting for Dota 2, Wild Rift, Valorant and FreeFire.


I've been around esports for as long as I can remember. I love esports and think having the opportunity to use your voice to entertain is something really special. Valorant is an up and coming FPS title, and I hope to share my insights and passion for the game with everyone!


Mochii is an active scholar student and a student leader at her university. But despite of being busy, she still does her best to allot time for her passion—and that is shoutcasting. Giving hype, throwing puns, and adding up some spice is what she does, and is still perfecting her craft up to this day.

Esports Journalists


Professional Writer for everything. Mom energy around friends. Crackhead energy when gaming. Solidifying my spot in the eSports scene for APAC/SEA.


I love Pokémon GO as much as I love FPS, MMO, and MOBA games. I also write stuff.


Despite being hardstuck in almost all of the games he plays, Dave enjoys gaming a lot. He is currently the coach for his university's Pokémon Unite team, and he enjoys making music and drawing when he's not gaming, writing or studying political science.


College student. Gamer since birth. Learned to read because of Pokémon. Dreams of buying a Nintendo Switch. Always looking for game recommendations (will play anything).


James' marketing and strategy experiences give him a diverse background. He has a deep love for all things gaming and geeky. Valorant, Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter and CS:GO, if it's fun and playable, James will love it.


Writer and Physics Major. I am a risk-taker and I embrace the madness that it will all work out! (Probably) During my off-hours, I am glued to Starcraft 2 and RIOT games while listening to Spotify's recommended music for yours truly.


One part gamer. Two parts weeb. Earns a living through gaming.


A coffee lover, I always start and end my day with a cup of coffee. I love learning something new, and I'm addicted to playing games and reading books.



Hi! My name is Matthew, I love travelling, hanging out with friends, playing video games and sleeping. I like trying and experiencing new things. Travelling around the world is my main goal to be achieved.


I'm Macky, also known as "Mindset", and I'm a streamer. Since I was a child, my passion has been gaming. I used to be a top DotA 1 player in our city, and former pro player and coach in Rules of Survival. And I have since switched to VALORANT.


A video game addict since age 4 who wants to be the best at every game he plays. Used to be a VALORANT pro player and fell in-love with observing to showcase the talent of every player to the world.

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer based in the Philippines with a passion for working in the esports Industry. Turning visuals and gaming into entertaining content while breaking the stigma of having no future in just playing videogames. I already have plans for my esports career and this is where I shall start!

Branding & Marketing


Grew up loving video games (but not good enough to be a pro player). A devotee to the esports scene since 2013, and finally found the luck to enter the industry as a business development associate in 2019. Now loving his new role in content, marketing, and social media.


Jeli is a college student taking up Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations. Jeli loves playing VALORANT and is very interested in the world of Esports, which led her to become a VALORANT caster and part of the KJC eSports Team Member.

Full-Stack Engineer


Muhammad Faran is a self-driven individual with a knack for coding and design. Having years of experience working as a freelance developer and with a startup company and have contributed to their growth by achieving milestones in a timely and organized manner, supervising product development, and taking ownership of the products.

Discord Administrators


Hello! My name is Chloe and I'm 18. I am a Discord Admin in KJC esports! I love working behind the scenes in an eSports industry and watching it grow day by day, it was also one of my dreams to work with a team.


24/7 angry Chihuahua energy, but usually doesn't translate on text. Will bark and bite in every Riot game she can. Viper main, because everyone needs a little toxicity in life.


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