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Sun Haven Chocoberry: All You Need to Know

Sun Haven Chocoberry: All You Need to Know

    Last Updated on October 7, 2023

Welcome to the magical world of Sun Haven filled with magic, crops, and everything you’ve dreamed of. With so many elements in the game, it is still a farming sim at heart. If you’re finding Chocoberry in the forests of Sun Haven, you’re in for a doozy because you can’t find it there.

You might want Chocoberry to get rid of a Snaccoon blocking your way or for a recipe that you want to cook. In this article, we will talk about all there is to know about Chocoberry and how to get it in the game.


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The Mystery of the Sun Haven Chocoberry

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Ever wandered through the lush forests of Sun Haven searching for Chocoberries? If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know it’s a fruitless endeavor (pun intended!). Many players have spent countless hours scanning the beautiful landscapes for these unique berries, only to come up empty-handed. But fear not, fellow gamers, for the mystery is about to be revealed.

Where to Find Chocoberry

Here’s the plot twist: Chocoberries are not wild fruits. You won’t find them by wandering through the forests or scaling the mountains. Instead, head into town. In the bustling heart of the town, amidst the charming houses and busy townsfolk, lies the secret source of Chocoberries.

There are two specific spots in town where you can get your hands on Sun haven Chocoberry seeds. First, check out the General Store. While you may be tempted to enter through the left door, resist! Head instead to the Farming Store right next door. This unassuming shop is a treasure trove of exotic fruits and seeds, including our sought-after Chocoberry.


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Cultivating Your Own Chocoberry in Sun Haven

With Sun Haven Chocoberry seeds in your inventory, it’s time to turn to farming. Spring and Summer are perfect for planting these precious seeds. You can buy Chocoberry seeds for 45 coins each in the Farming Store.

Each seed you plant will yield 3 crops, which means you get 3 Chocoberries. It takes just six in-game days for them to mature. After that, they’re ripe for harvest if you water them every day. You can sell each Chocoberry for 12 coins, and you can make them into Chocolate bars in the Baker’s Station.

And there you have it, fellow gamers! No more fruitless searches in the wild. It’s time to head into town, get those seeds, and start farming. Enjoy the journey, relish the process, and don’t forget to experiment with your Chocoberry harvest. After all, in Sun Haven, the world is what you make it!

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