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Should You Let Stephen Join Sun Haven?

Should You Let Stephen Join Sun Haven?

    Last Updated on October 7, 2023

Sun Haven is your classic Indie farming sim game with a whole lot of stuff that you can do. It differentiates itself with its magic and RPG elements. One of the first main quests in Sun Haven is where you will find the question: should you let Stephen join Sun Haven?

In that quest, you have to get a special stone for Elios. The stone you are looking for is Glorite. In the quest, you will stumble into people who plan to steal a lot of Glorite. You can choose to beat them up or to pay them off. Whatever option you choose, you will still get the Glorite and finish the quest.

Once you’re done collecting the Glorite, you will see Stephen on your way back to Sun Haven. You will now have a choice, one that you cannot undo. Stephen asks for forgiveness and he wants to live in the city. You will decide if you should let Stephen join Sun Haven or not.

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Should You Let Stephen Join Sun Haven

Should You Forgive Stephen in Sun Haven?

After you’ve fought off the bandits in the forest, you will find Nathaniel confronting one of the criminals back at the bridge to Sun Haven. Surprise, Stephen is the criminal that Nathaniel is confronting.

There will be two choices when you confront Stephen on the bridge:

  • You give him a second chance and let him stay in Sun Haven
  • You condemn him guilty and banished him from Sun Haven for good

While these two choices might make you think, do not worry too much. There are implications with your choice, but it does not really affect the story or the gameplay in any way. Here is what will happen depending on your choice:

If you forgive Stephen and let him join Sun Haven, you will be able to talk to him in the tavern in the future and he will thank you for this second chance. It seems that he was also given work from Mari and Ronald in the tavern. He is actually turning his life around which is heartwarming of course.

However, there are no other real benefits or problems from this choice besides feeling good about being nice to a stranger. None of the villagers will be upset either way. So this choice is inconsequential at best.

But, if you decide Stephen is guilty and that he shouldn’t join Sun Haven, you will never see him again. That is all that will happen if you exile him from Sun Haven. So, you can choose whatever feels right for your character, as there aren’t really any long-term effects from this choice.

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