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Wizard Stardew Valley Guide: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

Wizard Stardew Valley Guide: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

    Last Updated on November 27, 2023

Step into Stardew Valley and meet the intriguing Wizard, a mysterious character residing in the towering abode within Cindersap Forest. Get ready to discover the magic he brings to your farming adventure. In this guide, we will talk about the Wizard in Stardew Valley and his schedule, favorite gifts and movies, and more.


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Getting Acquainted with Wizard in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Wizard Image

Meet the Wizard, also known as M. Rasmodius, a fascinating figure residing in the Wizard’s Tower. His home, nestled in the western part of Cindersap Forest, is where you’ll find this mystical character, adding a touch of enchantment to the valley.

Wizard’s Daily Schedule in Stardew Valley

The Wizard keeps to a routine in Stardew Valley. From early morning to late evening, between 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, you can visit the Wizard in his tower. The Wizard does not leave his tower except on festivals so it will be easy for you to find him in the game. It’s your chance to interact, give gifts, and learn more about his magical insights.

Full Gift Guide: Wizard Stardew Valley

Forge a bond with the Wizard by giving him two presents weekly, and don’t forget a special gift on his birthday (Winter 17). Knowing what he likes can help build a stronger friendship and uncover more about this mysterious character.


All Universal Loves
Purple MushroomA rare mushroom found deep in caves.Foraging – The Mines
Solar EssenceThe glowing face is warm to the touch.Monster Loot
Super CucumberA rare, purple variety of sea cucumber.Fishing
Void EssenceIt’s quivering with dark energy.Monster Loot


All Universal Likes
All Geode Minerals
QuartzA clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines.Foraging – Mines


All Universal Neutrals
All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit & Salmonberry)


All Universal Dislikes (except Geode Minerals, Solar Essence, Void Essence, & Super Cucumber)
All Milk
ChanterelleA tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor.Forage – Fall
Common MushroomSlightly nutty, with good texture.Foraging – Fall
DaffodilA traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift.Forage – Spring
DandelionNot the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.Foraging – Spring
GingerThis sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality.Forage – Ginger Island
HazelnutThat’s one big hazelnut!Forage – Fall
HollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.Foraging – Winter
LeekA tasty relative of the onion.Forage – Spring
Magma CapA very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava.Forage – Volcano Dungeon
MorelSought after for its unique nutty flavor.Foraging – Spring
SalmonberryA spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest.Forage – Spring
SlimeA shimmering, gelatinous glob with no smell.Slimes, Krobus, Slime Ball
Snow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.Foraging – Winter
Wild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.Forage – Spring
Winter RootA starchy tuber.Foraging – Winter


All Universal Hates (except Slime)

Wizard’s Favorite Movies and Concessions in Stardew Valley

Discover what interests the Wizard the most outside the enchanting confines of his tower in Stardew Valley. While he is of the arcane, he is not immune to worldly pleasures such as the Movie Theater. Learn his favorite movies and the concessions that go along with them.


ReactionsName of Movie
DislikesIt Howls In The Rain
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
The Brave Little Sapling
The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
The Zuzu City Express


ReactionsName of Concession
LovesBlack Licorice
Star Cookie
Stardrop Sorbet
LikesCotton Candy
Ice Cream Sandwich
Jasmine Tea
Rock Candy
Salmon Burger
Sour Slimes
DislikesEverything else

Wizard’s Heart Events in Stardew Valley

As your friendship grows, experience heart events that unveil more about the Wizard. These events offer glimpses into his life, history, and even the valley’s hidden secrets.

  • Anytime: At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive a gift in the mail from the Wizard. The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with the Wizard increases.
  • Four Hearts: Players gain access to the basement of the Wizard’s Tower, where they can change their character’s appearance at The Shrine of Illusions for 500g.

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