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Trout Derby Stardew Valley: Complete Guide

Trout Derby Stardew Valley: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on April 7, 2024

When the summer sun is high in the sky over Stardew Valley, it’s time for the Trout Derby, a festival that celebrates the joy of fishing. The Trout Derby in Stardew Valley is an annual highlight where you can showcase your angling skills and compete for valuable rewards. So grab your fishing rod, and let’s dive into everything you need to know about this exciting event.


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Trout Derby Overview

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The Trout Derby in Stardew Valley is a mid-summer event that takes place on the 20th and 21st of the season. Unlike other events, you won’t get a letter in your mailbox about it. Instead, keep an eye out for a notification that pops up at 6:10 am, signaling the start of the Derby. You have until 2 am to fish to your heart’s content, giving you plenty of time to participate in the festivities.

Trout Derby Location in Stardew Valley

Finding the Trout Derby can be a bit tricky, but it’s quite simple once you know where to go. Head south from your farm into Cindersap Forest. Afterward, follow the path past Marnie’s Ranch to the river. There, you’ll find a gathering of fellow fishermen and a tent next to a sign marking the event. The area is open, allowing you to join and leave the Derby as you wish.

Participating in the Trout Derby

To compete in the Trout Derby in Stardew Valley, your goal is to catch as many Rainbow Trout as possible that have a Golden Tag. These fish are found in the river during sunny summer days. However, during the Derby, you can catch them all day long during the event.

As you fish alongside others, keep an eye out for the elusive Golden Tag. About one in three Rainbow Trout will have this tag, which you can exchange for prizes at the event.

Trout Derby Rewards and Prizes

The Trout Derby offers a variety of rewards that you can claim with your Golden Tags. While you can’t choose your prize, the more tags you collect, the more rewards you can secure. The first reward is always a Tent Kit, allowing you to sleep anywhere outside your farm. Here’s a breakdown of the possible prizes:

Tent KitAllows you to sleep outside your farm
Mystery BoxContains a random item
Bucket HatA stylish hat for your character
Crab PotUsed to catch crabs and other crustaceans
DiamondA valuable gemstone
Mounted TroutA decorative item for your home
Deluxe BaitHigh-quality bait for fishing
Triple Shot EspressoA drink that boosts your energy
Quality SprinklerWaters crops automatically
Warp Totem: FarmTeleports you back to your farm
Omni GeodeContains various minerals and artifacts

Strategies for Trout Derby Success in Stardew Valley

To make the most of the Trout Derby in Stardew Valley, come prepared with the best fishing rod you can afford and plenty of bait. You can purchase Rainbow Trout Bait in Willy’s Fishing Hut to make your life easier during the event.

The more Rainbow Trout you catch, the higher your chances of finding Golden Tags. Also, manage your time wisely—fish as much as you can during the event hours to maximize your haul of trout and tags.


The Trout Derby in Stardew Valley is a fantastic way to enjoy the summer season and indulge in some competitive fishing. With valuable prizes up for grabs and the chance to spend two days by the river, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. So, cast your line, reel in those Rainbow Trout, and see how many Golden Tags you can collect. Happy fishing, and may the best angler win!

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