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The Staff of Power Walkthrough Stardew Valley

The Staff of Power Walkthrough Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on March 23, 2024

Welcome to the mystical side of Stardew Valley! If you’re in your second year and winter has just begun, get ready for “The Staff of Power” quest. This magical mission involves helping the Wizard create a powerful tool, and it’s a great way to earn some extra gold and boost your friendship with the enigmatic spellcaster. Let’s dive into how you can complete the Staff of Power quest in Stardew Valley and make the most of its rewards.


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Triggering the Quest

“The Staff of Power” quest kicks off automatically on the 5th of Winter in your second year in Stardew Valley. You’ll know it’s time when you find a letter from the Wizard in your mailbox. He’s on the brink of completing a staff of incredible power and needs your help to finish it. The letter will ask you to bring him an Iridium Bar, setting you on a quest that’s as rewarding as it is straightforward.

Understanding the Quest Objective

Your main goal in “The Staff of Power” quest is to deliver an Iridium Bar to the Wizard in Stardew Valley. While it sounds simple, getting your hands on this precious metal might be a bit tricky, especially for beginners.

You can craft an Iridium Bar, mine it in the Skull Caverns, get it from the Statue of Perfection, defeat Purple Slimes, or hope for it as a gift from Clint during the Feast of the Winter Star. There’s also a chance to get one from the Statue of Endless Fortune on non-birthday days.

Completing the Staff of Power Quest in Stardew Valley

Once you’ve secured an Iridium Bar, it’s time to visit the Wizard. Hold the bar in your hand and interact with him as if you’re giving a gift. This will transfer the bar to his inventory and complete “The Staff of Power” quest. Remember, there’s no rush to finish this quest. Some players wait until they need the gold, as the reward is quite substantial.

Reaping the Rewards

After you hand over the Iridium Bar, the Wizard will thank you with a generous 5,000 Gold. Plus, you’ll earn a Friendship Heart, symbolizing the stronger bond you’ve forged through your helpfulness. It’s important to note that completing “The Staff of Power” quest doesn’t unlock any new items or features. It’s a standalone mission, so you can keep it in your Journal until you’re ready to tackle it.


“The Staff of Power” quest in Stardew Valley is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your connection with the Wizard and pad your wallet. By following these steps, you’ll breeze through the quest and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

So, next time winter rolls around in your second year, keep an eye on your mailbox and get ready to embark on this magical adventure. Happy questing, and may your efforts be richly rewarded!

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