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The Best Summer Crop Stardew Valley Unveiled

The Best Summer Crop Stardew Valley Unveiled

    Last Updated on October 29, 2023

Summer has arrived in Stardew Valley, and it’s time for gamers to maximize their profits with the best summer crops. In this guide, we’ll explore the best Summer crop in Stardew Valley that will keep your farm thriving during the sunny season. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, these facts and tips will help you make the most of your summer harvest.

Summer is the time to shine for certain crops in Stardew Valley. Here are the top contenders that are known to perform well during the season:


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10. Radish – A Versatile Option

Selling Price: 90g

Artisan Goods: Juice (202g) & Pickles (230g)

Growth Time: 6 days

Radishes are a versatile choice for the summer season. They’re quick to grow and, when harvested, provide a fast turnover of profit. While not the most profitable crop, their short growth cycle makes them an attractive option for those who want a consistent income source.

9. Hot Pepper – Spice Up Your Profits

Selling Price: 40g

Artisan Goods: Wine (120g) & Jelly (130g)

Growth Time: 5 days Regrowth Time: 3 days

Hot Peppers are the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of spice to your summer earnings. Their quick growth and high sell price make them a tempting pick. Additionally, they’re a vital ingredient in several popular recipes, adding to their overall value.

8. Hops – Brewing Success

Selling Price: 25g

Artisan Goods: Pale Ale (300g) & Pickles (100g)

Growth Time: 11 days & Regrowth Time: 1 day

For those who fancy the idea of brewing their own beer, Hops are a must-grow summer crop. They’re used in the keg to create Pale Ale, a valuable product. By investing in Hops, you can double your profits by brewing your own brew. In addition, you can harvest them every day after you’re done with the initial 11 days of growth time.

7. Tomato – A Steady Earner

Selling Price: 60g

Artisan Goods: Juice (135g) & Pickles(175g)

Growth Time: 11 days & Regrowth Time: 4 days

Tomatoes are known for their consistency as a summer crop. While they may not bring the highest profits, they’re in demand for various recipes and quests, making them a reliable choice. Tomato plants continue to bear fruit even after the initial harvest.

6. Corn – A Seasonal Staple

Selling Price: 50g

Artisan Goods: Juice (112g), Pickles(150g), Oil (100g)

Growth Time: 14 days & Regrowth Time: 4 days

Corn is a reliable summer crop in Stardew Valley that can be put to multiple uses. Not only does it yield a decent profit, but it can also endure the season change into Fall. An investment in Corn can pay off handsomely over the two seasons.

5. Blueberries – The Summer Staple

Selling Price: 80g

Artisan Goods: Wine (105g) & Jelly (150g)

Growth Time: 13 days & Regrowth Time: 4 days

Blueberries are the ultimate summer staple. With the ability to bear fruit every few days, they provide a consistent income source. While they may not bring in the highest profits per unit, their frequency of harvest more than makes up for it.


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4. Red Cabbage – A Valuable Crop

Selling Price: 260g

Artisan Goods: Juice (585g) & Pickles (570g)

Growth Time: 9 days

Red Cabbage is known for its versatility. It’s used in various recipes and can be used as a quality crop for the Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair. Its versatility makes it an appealing choice for gamers who want to diversify their farm.

3. Melon – Sweet Summer Success

Selling Price: 250g

Artisan Goods: Wine (750g) & Jelly (550g)

Growth Time: 12 days

Melons are a sweet summer success story. Their high sell price and relatively long harvest period make them a fantastic choice. Keep them watered, and you’ll enjoy an abundant and profitable harvest. In addition, you can get a giant melon if you’re lucky.

2. Pineapple – A Tropical Treasure

Selling Price: 240g

Artisan Goods: Wine (900g) & Jelly (650g)

Growth Time: 14 days & Regrow Time: 7 Days

Pineapples may take a while to grow, but their worth is undeniable. The initial investment pays off when they yield multiple fruits per plant. Pineapples are a treasure trove of profit, especially when grown in larger quantities. The only con against Pineapple is you can only purchase its seeds at Ginger Island. You can get Pineapple Seeds for 300g each.

1. Starfruit – The Star of Summer

Selling Price: 750g

Artisan Goods: Wine (2250g) & Jelly (1550g)

Growth Time: 13 days

Starfruit is the shining star and the best summer crop in Stardew Valley. Though it requires more care, it’s one of the most profitable crops available. Be prepared to invest a little more time and energy into nurturing your Starfruit for a substantial return.

You can buy Starfruit Seeds at 400g each. You can purchase them at the Calico Desert in Sandy’s Oasis Store. While its seeds are expensive, you can turn up quite the profit with Starfruits.

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