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Stardew Valley Skills and Professions Guide

Stardew Valley Skills and Professions Guide

    Last Updated on December 5, 2023

Stardew Valley is a fun game where you farm, mine, forage, fish, and fight monsters. Stardew Valley skills are essential because they help you do stuff better in the game. These skills also help you unlock new things that make the game more fun. In this article, we will provide all the details that you need to know about Stardew Valley Skills and Professions.


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Understanding Stardew Valley Skills

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In Stardew Valley, there are five main skills you need to know about: Farming, Mining, Foraging, Fishing, and Combat. Each skill is about doing different things in the game. Farming is about growing crops and taking care of animals. Mining is about breaking rocks to get stuff like rocks and ores. Foraging is about finding things in the wild. Fishing is about catching fish, and Combat is about fighting monsters.

Progression and Experience in Stardew Valley Skills

To get better at skills, you need experience points (XP). You can’t see how much XP you have, but you level up when you get enough XP. Higher levels make things better, like using less energy for tasks. As you level up, you will unlock more craftable items to help you on your farm.

Professions: Enhancing Skill Specializations

When you reach levels 5 and 10 in a skill, you get to pick a profession. Professions are like specializations that make you better at specific things in your skill. For example, in Farming, you can choose to make more money from crops or from animal stuff. These choices change how you play the game.

Deep Dive into Each Stardew Valley Skill


Farming skill in Stardew Valley helps you grow crops and take care of animals. As you get better, you unlock things like Kegs and Cheese Presses that make more money.

  • Farming Level 1 – Unlocks: Scarecrow, Basic Fertilizer
  • Farming Level 2 – Unlocks: Mayonnaise Machine, Stone Fence, Sprinkler
  • Farming Level 3 – Unlocks: Bee House, Speed-Gro, Farmer’s Lunch
  • Farming Level 4 – Unlocks: Preserves Jar, Basic Retaining Soil, Iron Fence
  • Farming Level 5 – Professions:
    • Rancher – Animal goods sell for 20% more money.
    • Tiller – Crops sell for 10% more money.
  • Farming Level 6 – Unlocks: Cheese Press, Hardwood Fence, Quality Sprinkler
  • Farming Level 7 – Unlocks: Loom, Quality Retaining Soil
  • Farming Level 8 – Unlocks: Oil Maker, Keg, Deluxe Speed-Gro
  • Farming Level 9 – Unlocks: Seed Maker, Iridium Sprinkler, Quality Fertilizer
  • Farming Level 10 – Professions:
    • Coopmaster (Rancher) – Increase relationship with Coop animals faster and get half the normal Incubation time for the Incubator.
    • Shepherd (Rancher) – Increase relationship with Barn animals faster, and Sheep produce Wool faster.
    • Artisan (Tiller) – Artisan goods sell for 40% more money.
    • Agriculturist (Tiller) – Crops grow 10% faster.


Mining Skill in Stardew Valley is about breaking rocks to find cool stuff like ores. When you level up, you get things like bombs and extra gems.

  • Mining Level 1 – Unlocks: Cherry Bomb
  • Mining Level 2 – Unlocks: Staircase
  • Mining Level 3 – Unlocks: Miner’s Treat
  • Mining Level 4 – Unlocks: Glowstone Ring, Transmute (Fe)
  • Mining Level 5 – Professions:
    • Miner – One extra ore per vein destroyed.
    • Geologist – 50% chance that gems will spawn in pairs.
  • Mining Level 6 – Unlocks: Bomb
  • Mining Level 7 – Unlocks: Transmute (Au)
  • Mining Level 8 – Unlocks: Mega Bomb
  • Mining Level 9 – Unlocks: Crystalarium
  • Mining Level 10 – Professions:
    • Blacksmith (Miner) – Metal bars sell for 50% more money.
    • Prospector (Miner) – Double the Coal spawn rate.
    • Excavator (Geologist) – Double the Geode spawn rate.
    • Gemologist (Geologist) – Gems sell for 30% more money.


Foraging Skill in Stardew Valley means finding stuff in the wild and chopping down trees. As you level up, you get things like Warp Totems that help you move around faster.

  • Foraging Level 1 – Unlocks: Wild Seeds (Sp), Field Snack
  • Foraging Level 2 – Unlocks: Survival Burger
  • Foraging Level 3 – Unlocks: Tapper
  • Foraging Level 4 – Unlocks: Charcoal Kiln, Wild Seeds (Su)
  • Foraging Level 5 – Professions:
    • Forester – Gain 25% more Wood from trees.
    • Gatherer – 20% chance that foraged items will double when picked up.
  • Foraging Level 6 – Unlocks: Lightning Rod, Wild Seeds (Fa), Warp Totem: Beach
  • Foraging Level 7 – Unlocks: Wild Seeds (Wi), Warp Totem: Mountains, Tree Fertilizer
  • Foraging Level 8 – Unlocks: Warp Totem: Farm
  • Foraging Level 9 – Unlocks: Rain Totem, Cookout Kit
  • Foraging Level 10 – Professions:
    • Lumberjack (Forester) – All trees have a chance of dropping Hardwood.
    • Tapper (Forester) – Syrups sell for 25% more money.
    • Botanist (Gatherer) – Foraged items are always of Iridium quality.
    • Tracker (Gatherer) – The location of all forageable items is shown with arrows.


Fishing is hard at first, but when you level up, it gets easier. You can sell fish for more money or make your Crab Pots better.

  • Fishing Level 1 – Unlocks: Fishing Rod throwing distance increases by one tile.
  • Fishing Level 2 – Unlocks: Bait
  • Fishing Level 3 – Unlocks: Crab Pot, Dish O’ The Sea
  • Fishing Level 4 – Unlocks: Recycling Machine, Fishing Rod throwing distance increases by one tile.
  • Fishing Level 5 – Professions:
    • Fisher – Fish sell for 25% more money.
    • Trapper – Ingredients to craft Crab Pot are reduced from 40 Wood and 3 Iron Bars to 25 Wood and 2 Copper Bars.
  • Fishing Level 6 – Unlocks: Spinner, Trap Bobber
  • Fishing Level 7 – Unlocks: Cork Bobber, Treasure Hunter
  • Fishing Level 8 – Unlocks: Worm Bin, Barbed Hook, Dressed Spinner, Fishing Rod throwing distance increases by one tile.
  • Fishing Level 9 – Unlocks: Seafoam Pudding, Magnet
  • Fishing Level 10 – Professions:
    • Angler (Fisher) – Fish sell for 50% more money.
    • Pirate (Fisher) – Double the Treasure spawn rate.
    • Mariner (Trapper) – Crab Pots stop producing bad items.
    • Luremaster (Trapper) – Crab Pots don’t need Bait anymore.


Fighting monsters is part of this Stardew Valley skill. As you level up, you get stronger and better at fighting monsters.

  • Combat Level 1 – Unlocks: Sturdy Ring, Bug Steak
  • Combat Level 2 – Unlocks: Life Elixir
  • Combat Level 3 – Unlocks: Roots Platter
  • Combat Level 4 – Unlocks: Warrior Ring
  • Combat Level 5 – Professions:
    • Fighter – Attacks deal 10% extra damage and you get +15 HP.
    • Scout – Critical strike chance increases by 50%.
  • Combat Level 6 – Unlocks: Slime Egg-Press, Oil of Garlic
  • Combat Level 7 – Unlocks: Ring of Yoba, Thorns Ring
  • Combat Level 8 – Unlocks: Slime Incubator, Explosive Ammo
  • Combat Level 9 – Unlocks: Iridium Band, Squid Ink Ravioli
  • Combat Level 10 – Professions:
    • Brute (Fighter) – Attacks deal 15% extra damage.
    • Defender (Fighter) – +25 HP.
    • Acrobat (Scout) – Half cooldown time for special moves.
    • Desperado (Scout) – 2x Critical strike damage.

Optimizing Skill Development Strategies

To get better at skills faster, try doing tasks that give more XP. For Farming, focus on crops and animals that make more money. Use bombs for Mining to level up quickly. Players can try different ways to play the game and choose skills that match what they like.


Skills are essential in Stardew Valley because they help you do more and have more fun. You can pick professions that suit your style and make the game more exciting. Keep playing and try different things to master your skills in Stardew Valley!

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