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Stardew Valley Best Spring Crop: Best Crops for Profit

Stardew Valley Best Spring Crop: Best Crops for Profit

    Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Spring in Stardew Valley brings the promise of a fresh start, a time to renew and plan the year’s productivity. As a diligent farmer, you must choose your crops wisely to maximize your profits and build a thriving farm. In this article, we’ll explore the best spring crops in Stardew Valley, helping you make informed decisions for a prosperous spring season.


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Overview of Spring Crops in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley offers exclusive spring crops, each with its unique qualities, growth times, and selling points. These are the best crops to plant and harvest during the spring season, and we’re here to help you select the cream of the crop.

Without further ado, we give you the best spring crops in Stardew Valley that you should prioritize.

The Top 5 Spring Crops for Profit

  1. Strawberries
    • Cost: 100 gold at the Spring Egg Festival
    • Profit: 120-240 gold, depending on quality
    • Regrowth: Every four days
    • Note: A perfect choice for reliable money-making during the spring season. Strawberries offer high profits and they regrow every four days. However, you can only get them at the Spring Egg Festival. Strawberries are arguably the best spring crop in Stardew Valley.
  2. Ancient Fruit
    • Growing Season: Spring, Summer, and Fall
    • Profit: 550-1,100 gold per fruit
    • Note: A rare and valuable crop with high-profit potential. Plant them during spring for year-round rewards. However, it is one of the rarest seeds to find.
  3. Cauliflower
    • Cost: 80 gold
    • Growth Time: 12 days
    • Profit: 175 gold (normal quality), 350 gold (iridium quality)
    • Note: Despite the longer growth time, Cauliflower is a worthwhile investment. Additionally, you can earn more with the Tiller profession.
  4. Rhubarb
    • Cost: 100 gold from Sandy’s Oasis Store
    • Growth Time: 13 days
    • Profit: 220-440 gold
    • Note: A bit pricey but worth it for its high-quality returns. If you have the money, you should maximize using this Spring crop.
  5. Potatoes
    • Cost: 50 gold
    • Growth Time: 6 days
    • Profit: 80-160 gold
    • Note: A reliable source of income, ideal for both your farm and your dinner plate. Potato seeds are cheaper compared to others. In addition, it has a short growth time compared to other Spring crops.


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Honorable Mentions: Spring Crops Stardew Valley

  1. Garlic
    • Cost: 40 gold
    • Profit: 60-120 gold
    • Growth Time: 4 days
    • Note: A quick money-making method and useful for recipes like garlic oil. It provides a buff against threats when mining.
  2. Unmilled Rice
    • Cost: 40 gold
    • Profit: Up to 66 gold
    • Growth Time: 8 days
    • Note: Requires a scythe for harvesting and is ideal for processing into rice using a mill. Moreover, you can earn more profit when you process the rice before you sell it.
  3. Kale
    • Cost: 70 gold
    • Profit: Up to 242 gold
    • Growth Time: 6 days
    • Note: A leafy green with remarkable profit potential. Additionally, Kale serves as a great tool for leveling up your farming skills.
  4. Green Beans
    • Cost: 60 gold
    • Profit: 40-80 gold
    • Growth Time: 10 days for initial harvest, regrows every three days
    • Note: A valuable investment spring crop that provides multiple harvests. Moreover, it regrows at a fast rate in only three days.
  5. Parsnips
    • Cost: 20 gold
    • Profit: At least 10 gold net profit
    • Growth Time: 4 days
    • Note: Inexpensive and essential for recipes and Community Center bundles.

Spring Flowers and Their Uses

While not the most profitable options, Tulips and Jazz flowers add an aesthetic touch to your farm and are perfect for building relationships with certain villagers. Evelyn and several others appreciate tulips, while Blue Jazz is favored by most villagers except for Clint, George, and Sebastian.

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