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Stardew Valley: Best Fish for Fish Pond

Stardew Valley: Best Fish for Fish Pond

    Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Welcome to the charming world of Stardew Valley, where farming meets fishing in a delightful blend of activities. Among the many features Stardew Valley offers, Fish Ponds stand out as a unique way to diversify your farm and boost your income.

But with so many to choose from, which ones should you raise? This guide will help you discover the best fish for fish ponds in Stardew Valley, ensuring you make the most out of this aquatic venture.


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Ice Pip: The Chilly Challenger

Let’s start with the Ice Pip, a rare find that thrives in the coldest of waters. You can catch these fish in the Frozen Earth section of the Mines, specifically on Floor 60. Once you place Ice Pips in your Pond, they reproduce every five days, providing a steady flow of income.

With a base sell price of 500g, which can soar to 1,000g for iridium quality, Ice Pips are a lucrative choice for your pond. They also produce items like Iron Ore and Frozen Geodes, adding to their appeal as the Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond for those starting out.

Sturgeon: The Caviar Creator

Next up is the Sturgeon, a fish that not only poses a challenge to catch but also promises great rewards. Found in The Mountain Lake during Summers and Winters, especially on rainy days, Sturgeons are a bit elusive. However, once you secure them for your Pond, they reproduce every four days.

The real prize comes from their Roe, which you can turn into Caviar, a luxury item that sells for 500 gold. This makes the Sturgeon a top contender for the Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond. Especially for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their farm.

Blobfish: The Deep-Sea Diver

The Blobfish is as unique as it is profitable. This rare creature is up for grabs while fishing in the Submarine during the Night Market event. With a 10% chance to catch one, the effort is worth it, as Blobfish reproduce every four days in your Pond.

Their selling price ranges from 500g to 1,000g, depending on quality. But it’s the additional items they produce, like Pearls and Warp Totem: Farm. That solidify the Blobfish’s position as a Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond.

Spook Fish: The Treasure Hunter

For those who love a good treasure hunt, the Spook Fish is an excellent choice. You can catch it on the same Submarine ride at the Night Market. Spook Fish is not only intriguing but also quite profitable.

They can reproduce every four days and have a chance to produce Treasure Chests, which sell for a whopping 5,000 gold. This rare drop makes the Spook Fish a valuable addition to your Pond. It is also a strong candidate for the Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond.

Blue Discus: The Tropical Treasure

Venture to the warm waters of Ginger Island, and you’ll find the stunning Blue Discus. This beautiful tropical fish can be caught in the freshwater areas of Island North and West during any season. When placed in a Pond, the Blue Discus stands out for its rapid reproduction rate of every three days.

Not only do they offer a visual feast for the eyes, but they also drop exotic items. Like Bananas and Golden Coconuts, which are hard to come by in Pelican Town. Their unique drops and beauty make the Blue Discus a prime candidate for the Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond.

Lava Eel: The Fiery Fighter

If you’re up for a challenge, try your luck at catching a Lava Eel. These fiery fish reside in the scorching depths of Floor 100 in the Mines or the Volcano Caldera. Despite their daunting habitat, Lava Eels are highly sought after for their impressive sell price of 700g for regular quality, which doubles for iridium quality.

In a Fish Pond, they reproduce every five days and yield valuable items like Gold Ore and Spicy Eel. The Lava Eel’s profitability and unique drops earn it a spot as the Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond for those who dare to delve into the heat.

Rainbow Trout: The Rapid Reproducer

The Rainbow Trout is vibrant and fast-reproducing that’s perfect for your Pond. Found in the rivers of Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest, as well as the Mountain Lake on sunny Summer days, they are easy to catch.

In a Fish Pond, Rainbow Trout reproduce approximately every two days, making them an excellent source of steady income. They produce items like Rainbow Shells and even the rare Prismatic Shard, adding to their value. With such a quick reproduction rate and the potential for rare items. The Rainbow Trout is undoubtedly a Stardew Valley best fish for fish pond.


Choosing the right fish for your Pond in Stardew Valley can significantly impact your farm’s productivity and profitability. From the icy depths where the Ice Pip dwells to the tropical waters of the Blue Discus. Each of them offers unique benefits and challenges.

Whether you’re after luxury items like Caviar and Pearls or the thrill of finding a Treasure Chest. This guide helps you make an informed decision. By selecting the right one, you can maximize your returns and enjoy the diverse aquatic life that Stardew Valley has to offer.

So grab your fishing rod, cast your line, and watch as your Pond becomes a cornerstone of your thriving farmstead.

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