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Squid Kid Stardew Valley: Location and Tips

Squid Kid Stardew Valley: Location and Tips

    Last Updated on January 3, 2024

In Stardew Valley, there are many strange creatures, and one of them is the Squid Kid. They’re not around a lot in the early game, especially if you haven’t gone to the mines as much. However, if you venture deep into the mines (between floors 81 to 119), you might find these odd pink-faced balls floating around.


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Squid Kids Stardew Valley: How They Look and Act

Squid Kid Stardew Valley Image

Squid Kids are weird-looking. Picture a pink ball with a face—they’re exactly that. Despite their unusual appearance, they’re not tough to beat.

They have little health (around 1 HP) and throw fireballs, but it’s quite easy to dodge them. However, their fireballs pack a punch dealing 18 damage so be careful. You will receive 15 combat exp for every Squid Kid you defeat.

What Squid Kids Drop in Stardew Valley

When you defeat a Squid Kid, they drop stuff. You can get things like Solar Essence, Squid Ink, bombs, gold bars. In addition, you can get special items like Diamonds and Prismatic Shards if you’re lucky.

Additionally, there’s a more dangerous Squid Kid with sunglasses that gives better rewards. You can see this version of Squid Kid after activating the Shrine of Challenge or in the Skull Cavern invasion quests.

Where to Find Them and How to Prepare

To find Squid Kids, go deep into the mines, between floors 81 to 119. A good idea is to unlock the elevator to the 80th floor for easy access. Some players use staircases to move faster, but others like to break rocks to find them. Remember to bring healing items as you will go deep into the mines.

Player Tips and Stories

Players have different ways of hunting Squid Kids. Some bring strong weapons like the Lava Katana and lots of healing food like cheese. Others prefer different strategies, making the hunt exciting and different for everyone.


In Stardew Valley, Squid Kids adds a fun challenge for those exploring the mines. They’re a bit strange but finding them can give you cool rewards. Armed with this knowledge, players can embark on a fun adventure to hunt these peculiar creatures and add more excitement to their game.

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