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Pierre Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

Pierre Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

    Last Updated on November 17, 2023

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, thrives not just on crop yields and mining adventures but also on the vibrant interactions with its diverse cast of villagers. In this bustling virtual community, Pierre, the proprietor of the General Store in Stardew Valley, plays a pivotal role.

In this guide, we will talk about Pierre in Stardew Valley and his schedule, favorite gifts, favorite movies, and more.


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Getting to Know Pierre in Stardew Valley

Pierre Stardew Valley Image

Pierre is more than just the merchant behind the counter; he’s a local of Pelican Town, residing in the same building as his General Store alongside his daughter Abigail and wife Caroline. The intricacies of his family dynamics unfold through dialogues, revealing a nuanced relationship with Abigail. Despite the strains, a genuine care exists between them.

The threat posed by JojaMart adds another layer to Pierre’s narrative. His store, a cornerstone of Pelican Town, faces competition from JojaMart’s cheaper goods. Players’ choices in the game, such as opting for the Community Center over JojaMart, influence Pierre’s fate, showcasing the interconnectedness of Stardew Valley’s world.

Pierre’s Schedule in Stardew Valley

Pierre adheres to a straightforward schedule, reflecting the routine life of a store owner in Stardew Valley. Here is his full schedule:

Regular Schedule
6:00 AMStands behind the counter of the general store.
7:00 AMIn the aisles of the general store.
8:30 AMGoes to stand behind the counter of the general store.
5:00 PMLeaves the counter and stands in the aisles again.
7:00 PMGoes to the kitchen in his house.
9:00 PMGoes to his room and stands in front of the bookcase.
11:00 PMGoes to sleep.
Friday (Not Raining)
6:00 AMStands behind the counter of the general store.
7:00 AMIn the aisles of the general store.
8:30 AMGoes to stand behind the counter of the general store.
5:00 PMGoes to The Stardrop Saloon and stands in front of the counter.
10:50 PMReturns home to sleep.


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Full Gift Guide: Pierre Stardew Valley

Building friendships is crucial in Stardew Valley, and Pierre is no exception. To strengthen ties with him, consider his gift preferences. Offering two weekly gifts that he loves or likes can boost your friendship level. Pierre’s preferences include a range of items, from loved Fried Calamari to liked Daffodils and Dandelions. However, beware of his dislikes, particularly fish, which he vehemently detests.


All Universal Loves
Fried CalamariIt’s so chewy.CookingSquid (1)
Wheat Flour (1)
Oil (1)


All Universal Likes
(except Corn, Garlic, Foraged Minerals, Gems other than Diamond and Prismatic Shard, Parsnip Soup, and Tortilla)
All Eggs (except Void Egg)All Milk
DaffodilA traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift.Foraging – Spring
DandelionNot the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.Foraging – Spring


All Universal Neutrals
All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit & Salmonberry)


All Universal Dislikes (except Fish)
Foraged Minerals
All Gems (other than Diamond & Prismatic Shard)
ChanterelleA tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor.Foraging – Fall
Common MushroomSlightly nutty, with good texture.Foraging – Fall
GingerThis sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality.Forage – Ginger Island
HazelnutThat’s one big hazelnut!Foraging – Fall
HollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.Foraging – Winter
LeekA tasty relative of the onion.Forage – Spring
Magma CapA very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava.Foraging – Volcano Dungeon
MorelSought after for its unique nutty flavor.Foraging – Spring
SalmonberryA spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest.Forage – Spring
Purple MushroomA rare mushroom found deep in caves.Foraging – The Mines
Snow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.Foraging – Winter
Wild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.Forage – Spring
Winter RootA starchy tuber.Foraging – Winter


All Universal Hates
All Fish
CornOne of the most popular grains. The sweet, fresh cobs are a summer favorite.Crops – Summer, Fall
GarlicAdds a wonderful zestiness to dishes. High quality garlic can be pretty spicy.Crops – Spring (years 2+)
Parsnip SoupIt’s fresh and hearty.CookingParsnip (1)
Milk (1)
Vinegar (1)
TortillaCan be used as a vessel for food or eaten by itself.CookingCorn (1)

Pierre’s Favorite Movies and Concessions Stardew Valley

Post-Community Center completion, Stardew Valley introduces a movie theater, replacing JojaMart. Pierre, a movie enthusiast, has a broad appreciation for films. When inviting him, there’s no need to worry, as he either likes or loves every movie available.


ReactionsName of Movie
LikesIt Howls In The Rain
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
The Brave Little Sapling
The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
The Zuzu City Express


ReactionsName of Concession
LovesPersonal Pizza
Stardrop Sorbet
DislikesBlack Licorice
Joja Cola
LikesEverything else

Pierre Heart Events in Stardew Valley

Pierre may not be a marriage candidate, but his presence is integral to Stardew Valley’s narrative. If you want to unlock his heart events, here’s how to unlock them:

  • Anytime: At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive gold in the mail from Pierre. The chance of receiving gold in the mail increases as your friendship with Pierre increases.
  • Three Hearts: After reaching 3 hearts with Pierre, he will send you a recipe in the mail.
  • Six Hearts: Enter Pierre’s General Store to trigger the cutscene.

In the bustling tapestry of Stardew Valley, Pierre stands out as a character with depth and significance. From his daily routine to favorite movies and unique heart events, players can weave a rich narrative by engaging with Pierre. While he may not be a potential spouse, building a friendship with him offers rewards, both in-game and in the form of an enriched gaming experience.

So, the next time you visit Pierre’s General Store, strike up a conversation and unearth more about this intriguing character in Stardew Valley.

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