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Pam Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

Pam Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

    Last Updated on November 17, 2023

In the bustling village of Pelican Town resides Pam, a character in Stardew Valley who might seem intimidating at first but holds a compelling backstory. While she may live a lifestyle that catches attention, getting to know Pam offers an intriguing perspective on the complexities within the game.

In this guide we will delve into Pam’s daily schedule, preferred gifts, movies, and notable heart events, providing keen insights for players keen on exploring her character.


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Getting to Know Pam in Stardew Valley

Pam Stardew Valley Image

Pam, a resident of Pelican Town, occupies a trailer on the western side of the river in Stardew Valley. Her past profession as a bus driver adds depth to her character, despite her seemingly rough exterior. In the game, players can contribute to repairing the bus, which, once fixed, enables Pam to resume her job as a bus driver, except on rainy days.

Living in her trailer, Pam’s closest companion is her daughter, Penny. She frequently spends her evenings at The Stardrop Saloon, where she enjoys a drink or two, fostering a friendly relationship with Gus, the saloon’s owner.

Pam’s Schedule in Stardew Valley

Pam’s routine largely revolves around her presence at The Stardrop Saloon, particularly when the bus service remains inactive. During these times, she spends her mornings in her trailer or occasionally visits the JojaMart before heading to the saloon in the late afternoon. However, if the bus service is operational, her schedule varies, including her morning routines near the farm’s eastern part and the bus stop.

Regular Schedule (Bus Service Restored)
8:00 AMLounges on her couch in the trailer.
8:30 AMLeaves the trailer to head to the bus stop just east of the farm.
10:00 AMArrives at the bus stop for the afternoon.
5:00 PMLeaves the bus stop and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AMLeaves the saloon and back home for the night.
Regular Schedule (Bus Service Not Restored)
8:00 AMLounges on her couch in the trailer.
12:00 PMLeaves the trailer and heads to JojaMart.
4:00 PMLeaves JojaMart and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AMLeaves the saloon and heads home.
Spring 25
8:00 AMLounges on her couch in the trailer.
11:30 AMLeaves her trailer and heads to the medical clinic for her annual checkup.
1:30 PMContinues her checkup at the clinic.
4:00 PMLeaves the clinic and heads to the saloon.
12:00 AMLeaves the saloon and heads home for the night.


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Full Gift Guide: Pam Stardew Valley

To foster a strong friendship with Pam, gifting plays a crucial role. Understanding her preferences is key. Pam appreciates gifts like beer, cactus fruit, glazed yams, and mead, among others. Additionally, offering her two gifts weekly and a special birthday gift on Spring 18 significantly enhances the friendship level.


All Universal Loves
BeerDrink in moderation.The Stardrop Saloon
Wheat (1)
Cactus FruitThe sweet fruit of the prickly pear cactus.Foraging – The Desert
Glazed YamsSweet and satisfying… The sugar gives it a hint of caramel.CookingYam (1)
Sugar (1)
MeadA fermented beverage made from honey. Drink in moderation.KegHoney (1)
Pale AleDrink in moderation.KegHops (1)
ParsnipA spring tuber closely related to the carrot. It has an earthy taste and is full of nutrients.Farming – Spring
Parsnip SoupIt’s fresh and hearty.Cooking Parsnip (1) 
Milk (1) 
Vinegar (1)
Piña ColadaDrink in moderation.Beach Resort on Sundays


All Universal Likes
Fruit (except Cactus Fruit)
All Milk
DaffodilA traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift.Foraging – Spring


All Universal Neutrals
All Fish (except Carp, Octopus, Snail, & Squid)
ChanterelleA tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor.Forage – Fall
Common MushroomSlightly nutty, with good texture.Foraging – Fall
DandelionNot the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.Foraging – Spring
GingerThis sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality.Forage – Ginger Island
HazelnutThat’s one big hazelnut!Foraging – Fall
LeekA tasty relative of the onion.Foraging – Spring
Magma CapA very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava.Forage – Volcano Dungeon
MorelSought after for its unique nutty flavor.Foraging – Spring
Purple MushroomA rare mushroom found deep in caves.Foraging – The Mines
Snow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.Forage – Winter
Winter RootA starchy tuber.Foraging – Winter


All Universal Dislikes (except Fish)
All Eggs
QuartzA clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines.Foraging – Mines
Wild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.Foraging – Spring


All Universal Hates
HollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.Foraging – Winter
OctopusA mysterious and intelligent creature.Fishing
SquidA deep sea creature that can grow to enormous size.Fishing

Pam’s Favorite Movies and Concessions in Stardew Valley

While Pam does not exhibit specific preferences for movies, she enjoys all eight films available in Stardew Valley. Players can also enhance their interactions by purchasing concessions for Pam.


ReactionsName Of Movies
LikesIt Howls In The Rain 
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
The Brave Little Sapling
The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
The Zuzu City Express


ReactionsName of Concession
Stardrop Sorbet
DislikesApple Slices
Black Licorice
Cappuccino Mousse Cake
Hummus Snack Pack
Jasmine Tea
Kale Smoothie
Panzanella Salad
LikesEverything else

Pam’s Heart Events in Stardew Valley

As players gradually befriend Pam, she reciprocates by sending thoughtful gifts and sharing heart events in Stardew Valley.

  • Anytime: At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive a gift in the mail from Pam. The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Pam increases.
  • Three Hearts: After reaching 3 hearts with Pam, she will send you a recipe in the mail.
  • Seven Hearts: After reaching 7 hearts with Pam, she will send you a recipe in the mail.
  • Nine Hearts: Purchase the “Community Upgrade” from the Carpenter’s Shop. After earning 9 hearts of friendship with Pam, enter Pam’s house at least 4 days after the Community Upgrade is completed.

Understanding Pam’s story arc through these heart events sheds light on her aspirations and challenges, offering players a deeper connection with her character.

By exploring Pam’s schedule, preferred gifts, movie choices, and heart events, players can uncover the nuances of her character, enriching their Stardew Valley experience through engaging interactions and storylines.

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