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Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley: How to Get Them

Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley: How to Get Them

    Last Updated on April 1, 2024

In the lush world of Stardew Valley, Moss Seeds offers a unique way to add a touch of wilderness to your farm. These seeds lead to the growth of enchanting Moss Trees, which not only beautify your land but also provide new resources. If you’ve been lucky enough to witness a green rain day during summer, you may have spotted these intriguing trees. For those eager to cultivate their own, let’s explore how you can find and use Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley.


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Discovering Mossy Seeds in Stardew Valley

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Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley aren’t just a summer phenomenon; you can unearth them in any season if you know where to look. Winter, with its barren landscape, might seem bleak, but it’s actually an ideal time to spot these seeds.

Keep an eye out for seedlings with distinctive horn-like spikes—they’re your ticket to growing Moss Trees. To boost your chances, let a corner of your farm go wild. The more untamed your land, the higher the likelihood of stumbling upon these rare seeds among the wood and fiber.

Strategies for Acquiring Mossy Seeds in Stardew Valley

Now, let’s get down to business on how to secure Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley. During the unique green rain days of summer, you have several options:

  • Shake wild trees to dislodge seeds.
  • Cut down wild trees for a chance to drop seeds.
  • Clear weeds with your scythe, which might reveal hidden seeds.

Remember, these methods aren’t just for show; they’re practical steps to increase your Mossy Seed collection.

Planting and Growing Moss Trees

Once you’ve got your hands on Moss Seeds, it’s time to plant them. Choose any spot on your farm that’s not tilled soil, and pop those seeds into the ground. Keep in mind, if you plant during winter, they’ll stay dormant until spring. Patience is key, as it takes about a month for the seeds to mature into full-grown Mossy Trees.

Maximizing Moss Tree Growth

To ensure your Moss Seeds in Stardew Valley thrive, consider their placement carefully. Planting your seeds close to each other can create a mini ecosystem, encouraging the growth of new Mossy Trees. This proximity allows each tree to regularly regenerate moss, which you can harvest.

It’s a smart move to plant multiple seeds together, not just for the aesthetic appeal but also for a more efficient harvest down the line.

Harvesting Moss from Moss Trees

After about a month of growth, your Moss Trees will be ready for harvesting. Approach these trees with any tool in hand, and you can collect the moss that has accumulated on them. This moss isn’t just decorative; it’s a resource that can add even more personality and utility to your farm. So, don’t hesitate to use your axe, pickaxe, or even your scythe to gather this valuable greenery.


Mossy Seeds in Stardew Valley are a fantastic way to diversify your farm and make it stand out. From finding the seeds in the wild corners of your land to shaking trees on those mystical green rain days, there are multiple ways to gather these seeds. Once you’ve planted and nurtured them into towering Mossy Trees, you’ll reap the benefits of both their beauty and the moss they produce.

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