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Mastering Pale Ale Making in Stardew Valley

Mastering Pale Ale Making in Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on January 3, 2024

Stardew Valley has plenty of ways for gamers to dive into making artisanal goods, and one of the best options is crafting Pale Ale. This guide will walk you through the steps to create this valuable drink, from getting Hops to making a profit and completing quests.


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Getting Hops for Pale Ale Stardew Valley

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First off, you’ll need Hops to start brewing Pale Ale. You can buy a Hops Starter from Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. Knowing when they grow and using things like fertilizers or professions to speed things up can make a huge difference.

You can grow Hops during the Summer, and it grows on a trellis. It takes about 11 days for you to harvest it, and then it regrows every day. You can speed up this process by using a Speed Gro or a Deluxe Speed Gro. Doing this cuts the growing time by a lot, so make sure to use them properly.

Crafting Kegs and Brewing Pale Ale Stardew Valley

Once your Hops are ready, it’s time for Kegs. You’ll learn the recipe at Farming Level 8 or by completing the Artisan Bundle of the Community Center. With some Wood, Oak Resin, Copper Bar, and Iron Bar, crafting Kegs is the next step. Making Pale Ale involves placing Hops in the Keg and waiting a day and a half in the game.

Once the process of making Pale Ale in your kegs finishes, your kegs will have an icon above them. After waiting for a day and a half, you can now claim your Pale Ale.

Aging Pale Ale for Better Value

Boost the value of your Pale Ale by aging it. To do this, you should unlock the final house upgrade get the Cellar upgrade, and craft Casks. This final house upgrade will cost you 100,000 gold but no materials. Simply talk to Robin at her Carpenter Shop after upgrading your house the second time and ask her to make a cellar.

Once you unlock the cellar, you will automatically have 33 casks built in. However, you can craft more if you can do so. Place a Pale Ale in a Cask the same way you place Hops into a Keg. It’ll take some time to age into higher qualities.

Here is the total time you need to age Pale Ale in a cask:

Base to Silver Quality: 9 Days

Silver to Gold: 8 Days

Gold to Iridium: 17 Days

This method increases the quality of your drink over time, so make sure to do this if you can. Doing this is a smart move for those aiming to make more money when selling Pale Ale.

Maximizing Profit: Selling Pale Ale

Selling Pale Ale can bring in a lot of money. The better the quality, the higher the sale price. Whether you’re a Tiller or have the Artisan Profession. Making Pale Ale is a great way to earn bucks in Stardew Valley.

Here is a table showing you the sell prices of Pale Ale at different qualities:

Base QualitySilver QualityGold QualityIridium Quality
Pale Ale300g375g450g600g
Pale Ale + Artisan420g525g630g840g

Quests and Other Uses of Pale Ale

Besides making money, Pale Ale has other uses. “Pam Is Thirsty” is a quest that requires a Pale Ale. Completing it rewards you with 350g and a full friendship heart with Pam. This shows how versatile Pale Ale is beyond just making money.

In conclusion, becoming a pro at making Pale Ale in Stardew Valley is a rewarding venture. Its various uses, from earning cash to completing quests and building friendships. Make it an important part of the game’s artisanal goods. As you explore Stardew Valley further, mastering Pale Ale production remains a fun and profitable pursuit.

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