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How to Get Iridium Band in Stardew Valley

How to Get Iridium Band in Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on March 24, 2024

As you delve deeper into the charming world of Stardew Valley, you’ll discover that certain items can give you a serious edge. The Iridium Band is one such treasure, a late-game accessory that packs the power of three rings into one. Let’s explore how you can get your hands on the Iridium Band and make the most of its impressive benefits in Stardew Valley.


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Acquiring the Iridium Band

There are two ways to get the Iridium Band in Stardew Valley: fishing for it or crafting it. While you might get lucky and snag one from a Fishing Treasure Chest, the odds are pretty slim at 0.12%. For a surefire way to get this coveted ring, you’ll want to craft it. But first, you need to reach Combat Level 9 to unlock the recipe. Once you’ve got that down, gather up 5 Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essences, and 50 Void Essences, and you’re ready to craft.

Gathering the Ingredients for Crafting

Now, let’s break down how to collect each ingredient for the Iridium Band. For Iridium Bars, you’ll need to smelt five Iridium Ore and one Coal in the Furnace. It takes eight hours, so plan accordingly.

Solar Essences drop from Ghosts, Haunted Skulls, Iridium Bats, or Metal Heads, while Void Essences can be looted from Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans or bought from Krobus. Make sure all these items are in your inventory before you start crafting.

Understanding the Iridium Band’s Effects

Equipping the Iridium Band in Stardew Valley means you’re ready to light up the dark, attract items from afar, and give your attacks a nice 10% boost. This ring is a powerhouse, combining the effects of the Glow, Magnet, and Ruby rings. Say goodbye to carrying around extra light sources and enjoy the convenience of its glow. Plus, with its magnetic pull, you’ll collect your drops without breaking a sweat.

Maximizing the Iridium Band’s Potential

To really amp up your game, consider doubling up on the Iridium Band. Wearing two of these will enhance your light and magnetism range and give your attacks an even bigger boost. If you don’t have a second Iridium Band, pairing it with a Glow or Magnet Ring can also be a solid choice, ensuring you’re well-equipped for whatever Stardew Valley throws your way.


Securing the Iridium Band in Stardew Valley is a milestone worth aiming for. It’s a testament to your progress and a significant upgrade to your adventuring gear. Follow these steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying all the perks that come with this all-in-one accessory.

Whether you’re mining deep in the caverns or facing off against monsters, the Iridium Band is your trusty companion that ensures you’re prepared for success. Happy farming, and may your adventures be as bright and rewarding as the Iridium Band itself!

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