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How to Get All Obelisks in Stardew Valley

How to Get All Obelisks in Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on March 28, 2024

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, time is a precious resource. To maximize your days, fast travel becomes an invaluable tool. That’s where the mystical Obelisks in Stardew Valley come into play. These permanent structures offer instant teleportation to various key locations around the valley, saving you precious minutes and energy.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about each Obelisk in Stardew Valley, from unlocking them to reaping their time-saving benefits.


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Obelisks Overview in Stardew Valley

An Obelisk in Stardew Valley is more than just a decorative monument; it’s a fast travel point that can instantly whisk you away to different parts of the valley. There are several types of Obelisks, each linked to a specific destination, offering a quick and convenient way to navigate the expansive world of Stardew Valley.

Unlocking Obelisks

To gain access to Obelisks in Stardew Valley, you must first complete a series of quests, starting with the “Goblin Problem.” This quest becomes available after you’ve either restored the Community Center or helped JojaMart expand. Successfully completing this quest will grant you access to the Wizard’s Tower, where you can purchase Obelisks and other magical buildings.

Are Obelisks Important in Stardew Valley?

Considering the investment required to build Obelisks in Stardew Valley, you might wonder if they’re worth the cost. As you progress into the late game and your coffers grow, the answer becomes a resounding yes. The time saved by using Obelisks allows for more efficient farming, mining, and exploration, making them a wise investment for any seasoned farmer.

Detailed Guide to Each Obelisk

Each Obelisk in Stardew Valley serves a unique purpose and requires specific materials for construction. Here’s a detailed look at what you’ll need for each one:

Earth Obelisk

  • Warps you to the Mountains
  • Requires 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Earth Crystals, and 500,000g

Water Obelisk

  • Transports you to the Beach
  • Needs 5 Iridium Bars, 10 Clams, 10 Coral, and 500,000g

Desert Obelisk

  • Takes you to Calico Desert
  • Calls for 20 Iridium Bars, 10 Coconuts, 10 Cactus Fruits, and 1,000,000g

Island Obelisk

  • Warps you to Ginger Island
  • Demands 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Dragon Teeth, 10 Bananas, and 1,000,000g

Farm Obelisk

The Farm Obelisk in Stardew Valley is unique because it’s not obtained from the Wizard but rather from a parrot at the west side of the Ginger Island Farmhouse. To unlock this Obelisk, you must first upgrade certain aspects of the island with Golden Walnuts.

Once you’ve provided the parrot with 20 Golden Walnuts, you can build the Farm Obelisk, which allows you to warp back to your farm in Stardew Valley from any location.

How to Obtain Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnuts are scattered across Ginger Island and can be acquired through various activities, including fishing, harvesting crops, defeating slimes, and more. For a comprehensive guide to finding all the Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island, you can refer to dedicated walkthroughs that detail each method of acquisition.


Obelisks in Stardew Valley are a game-changer for farmers looking to maximize their time and efficiency. By investing in these magical structures, you can significantly cut down on travel time. Allowing you to focus on the more rewarding aspects of farm life. Whether you’re tending to crops, delving into mines, or exploring new lands. Obelisks will ensure you have more time to enjoy all that the game has to offer.

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