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How to Fish in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide on Fishing and Fishes!

How to Fish in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide on Fishing and Fishes!

    Last Updated on October 8, 2023

Fishing in Stardew Valley is a fundamental skill that not only provides a relaxing pastime but also serves as a lucrative source of income for players. Since fishing includes a minigame of some sort, you might ask how to fish in Stardew Valley.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just dipping your toes into the waters of Pelican Town, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to become a master fisher in the pixelated world of Stardew Valley.

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Getting Started with Fishing

To learn how to fish in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a fishing rod, which you can acquire early in the game. Once you have your trusty rod, simply approach any body of water, be it a river, lake, or ocean, and cast your line. Fishing consists of two key phases: casting and catching.

Casting and Catching

When you decide to use your fishing rod, a small bar appears above your hand. Your casting distance depends on this bar, which moves back and forth, from red to green. Timing is crucial; aim to cast when the bar is as green as possible.

This will maximize your casting distance, potentially leading to a ‘Max’ cast. Keep an eye out for pools of bubbles in the water, as casting into them encourages fish to bite more quickly and increases your chances of catching rare specimens.

Once you’ve cast your line, patiently wait for an exclamation mark (!) to appear above your character’s head. When this signal appears, it’s time to reel in your catch. Successfully reeling in a fish will display ‘Hit’ on the screen.

Mastering the Fishing Mini-Game

Stardew Valley Fishing Image

The heart of fishing in Stardew Valley lies in the mini-game that occurs once you’ve hooked a fish. This mini-game consists of two critical elements: the progress bar on the right and the fish bar on the left.

The progress bar signifies how close you are to capturing the fish. Green indicates progress, while red signifies potential failure. Pay close attention, as this bar can fluctuate during the mini-game.

The fish bar, on the other hand, contains the target fish and a green rectangle called the ‘Fishing Bar.’ You control the ‘Fishing Bar’ by pressing, holding, and releasing the ‘Use Tool’ button. The objective is to keep the fish within the ‘Fishing Bar’ until the progress bar on the right fills completely.

To achieve a ‘Perfect Catch,’ master the rhythm of each fish’s movements. Some dart around rapidly, while others move more predictably. The more you fish, the better you’ll become at anticipating their patterns.

Occasionally, a treasure chest may appear during the mini-game. To claim it, ensure the chest remains within the boundaries of the ‘Fishing Bar’ until a separate progress bar fills.

Fishing Rods and Tackle

Choosing the right fishing rod and tackle can significantly enhance your fishing experience in Stardew Valley. There are four types of fishing rods available:

  1. Training Rod: The basic rod for novices.
  2. Bamboo Rod: Received from Willy early in the game, it’s a step up from the Training Rod.
  3. Fiberglass Rod: Available after reaching Fishing Level 2, it can equip bait.
  4. Iridium Rod: Unlocked at Fishing Level 6, it’s the ultimate choice, allowing both bait and tackle.

While the Training Rod is the simplest, the Bamboo Rod is a better early-game option. Fiberglass and Iridium Rods offer the versatility to equip bait, improving your chances of catching fish.

Tackle, a set of enhancements for the Iridium Rod, further boosts your fishing capabilities. From the ‘Barbed Hook,’ which clings to fish, to the ‘Treasure Hunter,’ increasing treasure chest discovery chances, tackle plays a vital role in optimizing your fishing prowess.

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Fishing Skill and Levels

In Stardew Valley, your Fishing Skill advances with each cast, catch, and use of crab pots. This skill progresses through ten levels, unlocking bonuses and crafting recipes along the way.

The Fishing Level you achieve directly impacts your fishing experience:

Level 1

  • The casting distance increased by one tile.

Lvl 2

  • Fiberglass Rod and Bait are now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop.
  • Crafting recipe for Bait unlocked.

Level 3

  • Crab Pots are now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop.
  • Crafting recipe for Crab Pot unlocked.
  • Recipe for Dish o’ The Sea unlocked.

Lvl 4

  • Casting distance increased by one tile
  • Crafting recipe for Recycling Machine unlocked.

Level 5

At Stardew Valley Fishing Level 5, you can choose between these two professions:

  • Fisher – fish will now sell for 25% more
  • Trapper – resources required to craft crab pots reduced (Becomes 25 wood and 2 copper bars).

Level 6

  • Iridium Rod, Lead Bobber, Spinner, and Trap Bobbler now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for Spinner unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for Trap Bobber unlocked.

Level 7

  • Cork Bobber and Treasure Hunter lures are now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for Cork Bobber unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for Treasure Hunter lure unlocked.

Lvl 8

  • Casting distance increased by one tile
  • Barbed Hook and Dressed Spinner now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for Barbed Hook unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for Dressed Spinner unlocked
  • Crafting recipe for Worm Bin unlocked.

Level 9

  • Magnet now purchasable from Willy’s Fish Shop
  • Crafting recipe for Magnet unlocked
  • Recipe for Seafoam Pudding.

Level 10

At Stardew Valley Fishing Level Ten you can pick an additional bonus depending on which profession you picked:


  • Angler – fish will now sell for 50% more
  • Pirate – chance of uncovering treasure while fishing doubled


  • Luremaster – crab pots no longer require bait
  • Mariner – rubbish items will no longer appear in crab pots

All Fish You Can Catch in Stardew Valley List

Blue DiscusAnyGinger Island Waters
BullheadAnyMountain Lake
CarpAnyMountain Lake
Secret Woods Pond
The Sewers
ChubAnyMountain Lake
Cindersap Forest River
GhostfishAnyMines Floor 20-60
Ice PipAnyMines Floor 60
Largemouth BassAnyMountain Lake
Lava EelAnyMines Floor 100
LionfishAnyGinger Island Ocean
Scorpion CarpAnyDesert
SlimejackAnyMutant Bug Lair
StingrayAnyGinger Island Pirate Cove
StonefishAnyMines Floor 20
Void SalmonAnyWitch’s Swamp
WoodskipAnySecret Woods Pond
AnchovySpring, FallOcean
CatfishSpring, Summer, FallRivers
Secret Woods Pond
Witch’s Swamp
EelSpring, FallOcean
FlounderSpring, SummerOcean
HalibutSpring, Summer, WinterOcean
HerringSpring, WinterOcean
SardineSpring, Fall, WinterOcean
ShadSpring, Summer, FallRivers
Smallmouth BassSpring, FallRiver in Pelican Town
Cindersap Forest Pond
SunfishSpring, SummerRivers
DoradoSummerCindersap Forest River
PikeSummer, WinterRivers
Rainbow TroutSummerRivers
Mountain Lake
Red MulletSummer, WinterOcean
Red SnapperSummer, Fall, WinterOcean
SturgeonSummer, WinterMountain Lake
Super CucumberSummer, FallOcean
TilapiaSummer, FallOcean
TunaSummer, WinterOcean
AlbacoreFall, WinterOcean
Midnight CarpFall, WinterMountain Lake
SalmonFallCindersap Forest Pond
Sea CucumberFall, WinterOcean
Tiger TroutFall, WinterRivers
WalleyeFall, WinterRivers
Cindersap Forest Pond
Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake
Cindersap Forest Pond
Mountain Lake

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