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How to Find Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

How to Find Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on April 5, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of Stardew Valley, the Version 1.6 update has introduced a treasure trove of surprises: Mystery Boxes. These boxes, much like geodes, are packed with a variety of goodies ranging from valuables to food and resources. If you’re keen on uncovering how to find Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley, you’re in for a treat as we delve into the methods to secure these coveted items.


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Discovering Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes can be found across Stardew Valley and are waiting to be cracked open by the Blacksmith to reveal their contents. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Fishing Treasure Chests: Keep an eye out while fishing, as there’s a chance to reel in a Mystery Box along with your catch.
  • Mines: As you mine, you might stumble upon Mystery Boxes among the rocks and ores.
  • Artifact Spots: Digging up these spots can sometimes yield a Mystery Box.
  • Festivals: Various festivals, such as the Desert Festival in Spring, offer Mystery Boxes as prizes or for purchase.

The Desert Festival is particularly noteworthy as it provides an easy opportunity to purchase Mystery Boxes. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, fishing and mining are viable options, though the chances of finding a Mystery Box through fishing are about 12 percent.

Unlocking Golden Mystery Boxes

For those seeking even greater rewards, Golden Mystery Boxes contain premium items like Skill Books and rare seeds. To unlock these golden opportunities, you’ll need to level up your Mastery stats found in the Skills section of the main menu. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Level Up Mastery: Increase your Mastery level by accumulating points through daily tasks or by reading Skill Books.
  2. Visit the Mastery Cave: Located in the eastern part of Cindersap Forest, this cave holds the key to unlocking Golden Mystery Boxes.

As you level up your Mastery, the points required for each new level will increase, starting from 10,000 points for the first level. Skill Books, sold by the bookseller during their visits to Pelican Town, are a great way to boost your Mastery points quickly.

Rewards from Mystery Boxes

When you take your Mystery Boxes to the Blacksmith, you’ll find a variety of items inside. Regular Mystery Boxes may contain:

  • Seeds: Such as corn or pepper seeds, to plant on your farm.
  • Food: Meals like Lucky Lunch or Ice Cream to sustain you in The Mines.
  • Resources: Including hardwood and iron ore for your crafting needs.

Golden Mystery Boxes, on the other hand, offer even more valuable items:

  • Skill Books: To increase your Mastery levels.
  • Armor and Weapons: Like the Ossified Blade for better defense and offense.
  • Jewelry: Such as the Ruby Ring or Emerald Ring for added bonuses.

Golden Mystery Boxes can be found in Fishing Treasure Chests or by defeating monsters in the caves or mines.


Mystery Boxes add an exciting layer of discovery to Stardew Valley, offering a range of rewards that can enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re purchasing them at festivals, fishing for treasure, or braving the depths of the mines, these boxes are worth the hunt. Keep your eyes peeled and your tools ready, as you never know when you’ll uncover the next Mystery Box on your Stardew Valley journey.

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