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Flower Dance Stardew Valley: A Cheerful Village Gathering

Flower Dance Stardew Valley: A Cheerful Village Gathering

    Last Updated on January 3, 2024

Stardew Valley, known for its peaceful farming life, hosts many enjoyable events. One of the most heartwarming events in Stardew Valley is the Flower Dance. This guide aims to walk you through all you need to know about this delightful festival. This event will surely improve your experience in this charming game.


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Overview of the Flower Dance Stardew Valley

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In the beautiful sights of Pelican Town, Spring comes alive with the Flower Dance. The Flower Dance is the event where villagers come together to have fun and celebrate. It happens on the 24th day of Spring, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can join the event in a pretty southwest clearing across the bridge south of the Wizard’s Tower.

As the name suggests, the festival focuses on the Flower Dance. The dance is a yearly tradition in Pelican Town where bachelors and bachelorettes dance together in spring. Besides the dance, there is also a shop in the Flower Dance that sells exclusive items.

Attending the Flower Dance Stardew Valley

To join this heartwarming festivity, make sure to arrive at the right time. On this special day, the homes and shops will not be open as everyone gathers to celebrate. To participate, in the dance, you have to build friendships early on.

You’ll need to have at least a four-heart friendship level with your chosen dance partner. Every single character in the game is eligible to be your dance partner at the festival. If you have someone who you already have a four-heart friendship with, you can invite them to dance.

Selecting Your Dance Partner

You can dance with single villagers you’ve become friends with at the Flower Dance Festival in Stardew Valley. As stated earlier, you need to have at least a four-heart friendship level. You have plenty of ways to build your friendship and increase the hearts in your relationship. Build your friendship by talking daily, giving appreciated gifts, helping them out, and making choices they like during interactions.

If you have reached that friendship level with the dance partner you want, you just need to talk to them twice at the start of the dance. Friendship level will go up a full heart after dancing with your partner.

Experience and Items Available

The Flower Dance isn’t just about dancing and festivities. Pierre has a stall in the Flower Dance where you can buy exclusive items. From seasonal decorations to colorful plants, you can buy Daffodils, Dandelions, Rarecrows, and decorative items for your farm.

Here is the full list of the items you can buy at Pierre’s Stall:

  • Seasonal Decor (350 gold)
  • Pink Seasonal Plant (350g)
  • Yellow Seasonal Plant (350g)
  • Tub o’ Flowers (250g)
  • Tub o’ Flowers Recipe (1,000g)
  • Daffodil (50g)
  • Dandelion (50g)
  • Rarecrow (2,500g)
  • Wall Flower (800g)
  • Small Wall Flower (800g)
  • Ceiling Leaves Variant 1 (400g)
  • Ceiling Leaves Variant 2 (400g)


The Flower Dance in Stardew Valley is all about coming together and enjoying the company of friends. Embrace the community, enjoy the festivity, and cherish the bonds you’ve made. This heartwarming celebration has the spirit of community, making it a special moment in your Stardew Valley journey.

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