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Clint Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

Clint Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gift Guide, Favorite Movies, and More

    Last Updated on November 11, 2023

Stardew Valley, a virtual haven for gamers seeking a break from reality, is teeming with intriguing characters, each contributing uniquely to the tapestry of Pelican Town. Among them, Clint, the enigmatic blacksmith, stands as a pivotal figure. In this guide, we will talk about Clint in Stardew Valley and his schedule, favorite gifts, favorite movies, and more.


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Getting to Know Clint in Stardew Valley

Clint Stardew Valley Image

In the bustling realm of Pelican Town, Clint assumes the role of the local Blacksmith. His shop, nestled just above the library to the east, is a hub of activity for players seeking upgrades and tools. Beyond his professional facade, Clint harbors a rich backstory and intricate relationships that players gradually unravel. Engaging with Clint goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about cultivating a genuine friendship.

Clint’s Schedule in Stardew Valley

Understanding Clint’s schedule is key to meaningful interactions in Stardew Valley. Here is a full list of Clint’s Schedule in Stardew Valley:

Regular Schedule
9:00 AMBehind the counter of the Blacksmith.
5:00 PMMoves to work on the anvil.
7:00 PMHeads to The Saloon.
8:20 PMIn the Saloon.
12:00 AMReturns home to sleep.
Rainy Days
9:00 AMBehind the counter of the Blacksmith.
5:00 PMMoves to work on the anvil.
7:00 PMHeads to The Saloon.
12:00 AMReturns home to sleep.
Winter 15
8:50 AMBehind the counter of the Blacksmith.
5:00 PMLeaves the Blacksmith to attend the Night Market.
12:00 AMReturns to the Blacksmith to sleep.
Winter 16
9:00 AMBehind the counter of the Blacksmith.
10:30 AMLeaves the Blacksmith to go to the waiting room of Harvey’s Clinic.
1:30 PMMoves to the left examination room in the Clinic.
4:00 PMLeaves the Clinic for The Saloon.
12:00 AMReturns home to sleep.
Friday (Community Center Restored)
8:50 AMLeaves home, and heads to the Community Center Boiler Room.
5:00 PMLeaves the Community Center and heads to The Saloon.
12:00 AMReturns home to sleep.


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Full Gift Guide: Clint Stardew Valley

Gift-giving in Stardew Valley is a language of its own. To solidify your bond with Clint, it’s crucial to grasp his preferences. The Blacksmith has a penchant for items aligned with his profession, such as Topaz and Iridium Bar. Here is a full gift guide for Clint in Stardew Valley:


All Universal Loves
AmethystA purple variant of quartz.Mining
AquamarineA shimmery blue-green gem.Mining
Artichoke DipIt’s cool and refreshing.CookingArtichoke (1)Milk (1)
EmeraldA precious stone with a brilliant green color.Mining
Fiddlehead RisottoA creamy rice dish served with sauteed fern heads. It’s a little bland.CookingOil (1)
Fiddlehead Fern (1) Garlic (1)
Gold BarA bar of pure gold.FurnaceGold Ore (5) Coal (1)
Iridium BarA bar of pure iridium.FurnaceIridium Ore (5) Coal (1)
JadeA pale green ornamental stone.Mining
Omni GeodeA blacksmith can break this open for you. These geodes contain a wide variety of Minerals.Mining
RubyA precious stone that is sought after for its rich color and beautiful luster.Mine
TopazFairly common but still prized for its beauty.Mining


All Universal Likes (except Flowers)
Copper BarA bar of pure copper.FurnaceCopper Ore (5) Coal (1)
Iron BarA bar of pure iron.FurnaceIron Ore (5) Coal (1)


All Universal Neutrals
Eggs (except Void Egg)
All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit & Salmonberry)
All Milk
ChanterelleA tasty mushroom with a fruity smell and slightly peppery flavor.Foraging – Fall
Common MushroomSlightly nutty, with good texture.Foraging – Fall
CoalA combustible rock that is useful for crafting and smelting.Mining
DaffodilA traditional spring flower that makes a nice gift.Foraging – Spring
DandelionNot the prettiest flower, but the leaves make a good salad.Forage – Spring
GingerThis sharp, spicy root is said to increase vitality.Foraging – Ginger Island
Gold OreA precious ore that can be smelted into bars.Mining
HazelnutThat’s one big hazelnut!Foraging – Fall
Iridium OreAn exotic ore with many curious properties. Can be smelted into bars.Mining
LeekA tasty relative of the onion.Foraging – Spring
Magma CapA very rare mushroom that lives next to pools of lava.Forage – Volcano Dungeon
MorelSought after for its unique nutty flavor.Foraging – Spring
Purple MushroomA rare mushroom found deep in caves.Foraging – The Mines
Refined QuartzA more pure form of quartz.Furnace
Snow YamThis little yam was hiding beneath the snow.Foraging – Winter
Winter RootA starchy tuber.Foraging – Winter


All Universal Dislikes 
(except Coal, Copper Bar, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Iridium Bar, Iridium Ore, Iron Bar, Omni Geode, & Refined Quartz)
All Flowers (except Poppy)
QuartzA clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines.Foraging – The Mines
SalmonberryA spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest.Forage – Spring
Wild HorseradishA spicy root found in the spring.Foraging – Spring


All Universal Hates
HollyThe leaves and bright red berries make a popular winter decoration.Foraging – Winter

Clint’s Favorite Movies and Concessions Stardew Valley

As Stardew Valley evolves, a charming addition is the local movie theatre. Clint, like every character, has distinct movie preferences in Stardew Valley and a concession to pair along with it.


ReactionsName of Movie
LikesIt Howls In The Rain
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
The Brave Little Sapling
The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch 
DislikesThe Zuzu City Express


ReactionsName of Concession
Stardrop Sorbet
DislikesApple Slices
Black Licorice
Hummus Snack Pack
Jasmine Tea
Joja Cola
Kale Smoothie
Panzanella Salad
Likes:Everything else

How to Unlock Clint’s Heart Events in Stardew Valley:

Heart events serve as milestones in character relationships. To unlock these with Clint, players embark on a journey through his intricacies in Stardew Valley. Here is how to unlock them:

  • Anytime: At any friendship level greater than zero friendship points, you may receive a gift in the mail from Clint. The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Clint increases.
  • Three Hearts I: Visit the saloon between 7 pm and 11 pm on a Monday.
  • Three Hearts II: Clint sends you a recipe in the mail.
  • Six Hearts: Enter town from Cindersap Forest between 9 am and 6:30 pm. Only happens if you saw his “Three Hearts I” event. This event will not trigger if you are married to Emily, or have seen or triggered her Eight Heart Event or Ten Heart event.
  • Seven Hearts: Clint sends you a recipe in the mail.

In conclusion, Clint enriches the Stardew Valley experience with his unique persona and the depth of character interactions. From mastering his schedule to selecting the perfect gift, players have a multitude of avenues to explore. As you navigate the charming landscapes of Pelican Town, don’t overlook forging a friendship with Clint – a journey that adds layers to the immersive world of Stardew Valley.

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