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Best Weapon Stardew Valley Tier List

Best Weapon Stardew Valley Tier List

    Last Updated on December 7, 2023

In the farming universe of Stardew Valley, wielding the right weapon can make all the difference in the world. Whether it’s facing off against menacing monsters in the mines or exploring the varied landscapes. Having the best weapon in Stardew Valley can elevate your gaming experience. In this article, we will cover the best weapons in Stardew Valley and rank them in a tier list.


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Ranking the Best Weapons in Stardew Valley

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S-Tier: Best of the Best

  1. Infinity Gavel: With an impressive damage range of 100-120. The Infinity Gavel reigns supreme as the best weapon in Stardew Valley. Its +2 Speed, +1 Defense, and +5 Weight attributes make it a force to be reckoned with in combat.
  2. Infinity Blade: Crafting the Infinity Blade from the Galaxy Sword (using a Prismatic Shard) grants players a weapon dealing 80-100 damage. It is paired with +4 Speed and +2 Defense, ensuring an edge in battles.
  3. Galaxy Sword: Acquiring the Galaxy Sword involves a Prismatic Shard journey to the Desert. This yields one of the best weapons in Stardew Valley with 60-80 damage and a remarkable +4 Speed. It is an invaluable asset during combat.


  1. Dragon Tooth Club: Known for its sheer power, this club packs an 80-100 damage punch. It is complemented by a +50 Crit Power and +3 Weight, ideal for aggressive combat situations.
  2. Dwarf Sword: Offering 65-75 damage alongside +4 Defense and +2 Speed, the Dwarf Sword proves its mettle in swiftly dispatching multiple adversaries.
  3. Infinity Dagger: The crafted Infinity Dagger, dealing 50-70 damage, boasts +1 Speed, +3 Defense, +4 Crit Chance, and +5 Weight. It is an all-around reliable weapon choice.
  4. Dark Sword: Obtained from Haunted Skulls in the Quarry, this sword deals 30-45 damage. In addition, it has a Vampiric stat, +2 Crit Chance. However, it comes with a trade-off of -5 Speed and +5 Weight.
  5. Dwarf Dagger: Sporting 32-38 damage and a staggering +6 Defense, +1 Speed, +2 Crit Chance, and +5 Weight. The Dwarf Dagger proves a solid defensive choice while dealing a good amount of damage.


  1. Master Slingshot: Found on floor 70 in The Mines, this projectile weapon’s damage varies based on ammunition. While challenging to wield, it proves handy for distant monster takedowns.

Comparisons and Recommendations

When assessing the best weapons Stardew Valley offers, each weapon’s stats and unique abilities come into play. The Infinity Gavel stands tall as the pinnacle of power, while the Infinity Blade and Galaxy Sword offer commendable performance. For those favoring clubs or daggers, the Dragon Tooth Club and Dwarf Sword make formidable choices.

Considering playstyle and accessibility, the Infinity Dagger’s balance and versatility appeal to a wide range of players, alongside the reliable Dwarf Dagger for those seeking solid defense. The Slingshot, albeit situational, presents a unique gameplay option for long-range attacks.


In conclusion, the quest for the best weapons in Stardew Valley brings forth a diverse arsenal catering to varied gameplay preferences. From the dominant force of the Infinity Gavel to the versatile Infinity Dagger, each weapon offers a unique set of attributes for players to explore and utilize in their farming escapades.

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