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Best Fishing Bait in Stardew Valley

Best Fishing Bait in Stardew Valley

    Last Updated on April 26, 2024

Fellow anglers of Stardew Valley, the key to a successful fishing trip lies in your choice of bait. With the game’s latest update, you now have a treasure trove of seven different baits to choose from. Each type of bait in Stardew Valley offers unique benefits, and we’re here to reel in the details on which ones will best suit your fishing endeavors.


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Standard Bait

Starting off, Standard Bait is the go-to for any budding fisher in Stardew Valley. It’s perfect for beginners, cutting down the wait time for bites by a whopping 50% and reducing the chance of hauling up unwanted trash.

You can craft Standard Bait with just a piece of Bug Meat or buy it for a few coins at the Fish Shop once you reach Fishing Level 2. For a steady supply, consider crafting a Worm Bin at Fishing Level 4, which will provide you with bait daily.


Next up is the Magnet, a specialized type of bait in Stardew Valley that’s a treasure hunter’s dream. It doesn’t help you catch more fish, but it does double your chances of finding treasure while fishing.

Treasures can include anything from geodes to artifacts, making the Magnet a nice complement to your fishing trips. Craft it with an Iron Bar or try your luck at the Casino for 1,000 Qi coins. Remember, while it can be used in Crab Pots, it will only function as Standard Bait there.

Magic Bait

For those who don’t want to wait for the right season or weather, Magic Bait in Stardew Valley is your answer. It allows you to catch any fish available in a location, regardless of the time of year or weather conditions. While it’s a bit harder to get, requiring Radioactive Ore and Bug Meat, its ability to let you fish for Night Market fish or even Legendary Fish makes it invaluable for collectors and completionists.

Targeted Bait

If you’re on a mission to catch a specific fish, Targeted Bait in Stardew Valley is your best friend. It increases the spawn rate of the fish you’re after by 1.66 times, although it’s still subject to weather and seasonal restrictions.

To craft this bait, you’ll need the Bait Maker, which you can make at Fishing Level 6. Just pop in the fish you’re targeting, and the Bait Maker will do the rest, helping you fill those fishing quests faster.

Challenge Bait

For the seasoned fishers who’ve mastered the mini-game, Challenge Bait in Stardew Valley presents an exciting challenge. It allows you to catch three of the same fish at once, provided you achieve a perfect catch.

While it does increase the bite rate, it’s a gamble since you can lose fish if they escape. This bait is crafted with Bone Fragments and Moss, and it’s best used when you’re confident in your fishing skills and looking to quickly stock up for quests.

Wild Bait

Wild Bait is a step up from Standard Bait, offering a 62.7% decrease in time between bites and the chance to catch two identical fish at once. Unlocked through Linus’ Four-Heart event, this bait is a solid choice for those still honing their fishing skills. It’s crafted with Fiber, Slime, and Bug Meat, and it’s particularly useful for getting more fish in less time, making your fishing trips in Stardew Valley more productive.

Deluxe Bait

At the top of the bait hierarchy in Stardew Valley is Deluxe Bait. It’s the best all-around choice, reducing the time between bites by 67% and enlarging the fishing bar, which helps with landing perfect catches.

Deluxe Bait is easy to find and craft, and you can even upgrade your Worm Bin to a Deluxe Worm Bin at Fishing Level 8 to produce it every morning. When used in Crab Pots, it increases the quality of your catches and reduces the chance of catching trash.


In Stardew Valley, selecting the right bait can make all the difference in your fishing adventures. Whether you’re a novice looking to level up quickly with Standard Bait or an expert angler seeking a challenge with Challenge Bait, there’s something for everyone.

Experiment with different types of bait to find the perfect match for your fishing style and goals. Cast your line with confidence, and may your buckets always be full!

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